What Predicts The Prognosis Of Your Prostate Cancer?

Dr. Kent Perry answers the question: 'Predicting Prognosis Of Prostate Cancer?'

March 16, 2009 -- Question: What predicts the prognosis of your prostate cancer?

Answer: The prognosis of prostate cancer is based upon several factors. The first is the pretreatment PSA level, which is the PSA from the blood that your doctor has drawn. The next important factor would be the grade of the prostate cancer, which is the appearance of the cells under the microscope, which is determined by the pathologist. Another important factor is the stage of the tumor, which is on physical exam how advanced the tumor feels in the prostate, and there are other factors that go into stage additionally. And finally the volume of the prostate cancer and the amount of cancer that is present itself within the prostate is also an important factor. And those components are the main determining factors of prognosis with prostate cancer.