Will I Be Hospitalized During Your Radiation Treatment?

Dr. Adam Dicker answers the question: 'Do I Stay In The Hospital For Radiation?'

March 16, 2009 -- Question: Will I be hospitalized during your radiation treatment?

Answer: Radiation therapy is an outpatient treatment, it's much like getting an X-ray every day, although the radiation beams that we use are clearly more powerful than the standard X-ray.

It's outpatient treatment. Patients are not fatigued, they're not debilitated, they don't lose their hair for treatment of prostate cancer; they go on with their daily lives.

As I tell my patients, especially their spouse, I tell them 'Don't be lax on your husband have him clean up the attic, clean up the yard, do errands for you' Your energy level shouldn't change much during a course of radiation therapy. No hospitalization is necessary.