Is It True That Senior Citizens Are Immune To Stress?

Dr. Gerardi answers the question: 'Are Senior Citizens Immune To Stress?'

ByMaryrose Gerardi, Ph.D., Assistant Prof., Trauma and Anxiety Recovery Program, Emory University
December 22, 2008, 3:55 PM

— -- Question: Is it true that senior citizens are immune to stress?

Answer: Well I don't know that immune is the right word but I do know that in a recent American Psychological Association survey, 67 percent of seniors reported very little concern about their level of everyday stress, and that's a lot lower than the rest of the American population. And this probably makes sense when you think about the things that cause the highest level of stress on a daily basis. People report basically money and work as their major concerns and most seniors, well, they're where they are with their money, they either have it or they don't and they're dealing with that, and work is a worry that is behind them at this point. So it makes sense in that way.

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