For What Types Of Pain Are Nerve Blocks Useful? Are Nerve Blocks Permanent?

Dr. Paul Christo answers the question: 'When Are Nerve Blocks Used For Pain?'

— -- Question: For What Types Of Pain Are Nerve Blocks Useful, And Are Nerve Blocks Permanent?

Answer: Nerve blocks are useful for providing pain relief during surgery, that is for surgical pain, after surgery while recovering in the hospital, or for post-operative pain, and for the control of chronic pain conditions like herniated disc pain.

Nerve blocks are rarely permanent in that they are not intended to cause nerve injury. Local anesthetics like lidocaine are often deposited on or near a nerve or a group of nerves that need to be blocked.

In the case of chronic pain conditions, several nerve blocks may be used to provide extended relief of a particular type of pain in a specific region of the body. For example, one or more epidural injections with local anesthetic and steroid are often used to help reduce shooting leg or arm pain associated with a herniated disc.

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