How Should I Be Taking Care Of My Skin When I Am In My Teen Years, And What Kinds Of Issues Should I Be Thinking About?

Question: How should I be taking care of my skin when I am in my teen years, and what kinds of issues should I be thinking about?

Answer: Teenagers have to worry about many things. Teenagers often worry about their skin and for good reason. We all care about our appearance and this is ultimately important in the adolescent years. If you want to keep your skin looking as good as possible remember these things: Use a benign soap that is free of irritants, perfumes, and do the same with your moisturizer.

Please wash your face twice a day and also moisturize your skin twice a day as well. If you want to keep your skin looking as good as possible avoid ultraviolet light, which means that you can wear sunscreen or sun-protective clothing when you're outside.

If you're concerned about supplementing with vitamin D do so with a vitamin or eat a well-rounded diet. If you like that glow of a healthy tan, then you can go to a salon and get sprayed or use a sunless tanner. Teenagers have many skin diseases that erupt over adolescence, most of which are due to the introduction of hormones, and for women, menstruation. These things can vary from acne, psoriasis, warts and dermatitis.

If these are troublesome for you, please go to your primary care provider or seek a dermatologist's opinion. Also, you'll develop more moles as you age, especially over the teenage years. If these look unusual or atypical, or if they cause you any symptoms or problems, such as itching, bleeding or oozing, or if you don't like their appearance please seek a dermatologist's opinion to make sure that it is safe for you.