What Are Some Of The Biggest Skin-Care Mistakes Men And Women Make?

Question: What are some of the biggest skin-care mistakes men and women make?

Answer: There are many skin care mistakes that men and women make. The most common skin care mistake that men and women make is not wearing sunscreen. That's probably more true for men than for women because we wear sunscreen in our makeup and usually are religious about wearing a sunscreen because it's available and told about in the media that we need to wear sunscreen.

Men often do not wear sunscreen because they don't like the feel of a product on their face, but I do challenge my patients to go to the grocery store, sample three or four sunscreens and pick one that they like and use it on a daily basis.

The second-most common skin care mistake people make is using harsh drying soaps. There are soaps that are available that are non-soap soap products and what that means is that they are non-drying, do cleanse the skin, and leave you refreshed without the dry irritating feel of the squeaky clean soap.

The third-most common skin care mistake is spending too much money on skin care products. There are many products that are available at your grocery store that are great for the skin whether they're sunscreens or cleansers, and I encourage you all to take a look at these great products.