Firefighter Turns First Responder at His Own Wedding to Save Guest

Cody Campbell helped save a guest from choking.

— -- A Los Angeles firefighter jumped into action at his own wedding to save the life of a guest who was choking.

Cody Campbell wasn't expecting to be called into action at his wedding, but he didn't hesitate when he saw a family member appear distressed at his reception dinner, according to Los Angeles County Fire Deparment's Facebook page.

In video from the wedding, Campbell can be seen jumping up as his father, a retired fire captain, was giving a toast.

"I heard a couple people yell, 'My God she’s choking,'" Cody Campbell told ABC News affiliate KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

The newly-married Campbell then leaped into action -- running over to the guest who was in distress. As stunned guests looked on, Cody Campbell was able to give the woman the Heimlich maneuver and get her breathing again.

Cody Campbell's new wife, Kelly, said the incident happened so quickly that some guests might have thought it was an act designed to show off the groom's skills.

"Some people in the back who couldn’t see this far ahead truly thought it might have been staged," Kelly Campbell told KABC-TV. "But I assure you I am not an actress. That was not faking it."

The guest remained conscious and after a few scary moments the wedding reception continued. Kelly Campbell said the event made an already unforgettable day even more memorable.

"Saving someones’ life right in front of me on my wedding day ... it’s something we’ll have forever," Campbell told KABC-TV. "It's so special."