7 Bag Essentials That Can Save Your Life

A few small items and a bit of planning can go a long way.

Feb. 3, 2010— -- Take a peek inside your handbag and what do you see? Wallet. Check. Makeup bag. Check. Loose coins and a few crumbs from your pre-gym energy bar? Double check.

But there are a few more essentials that deserve a spot in your tote. According to emergency physicians Melissa Barton, MD, and Lee Benjamin, MD, carrying one of these lightweight items can help you mend a shallow cut, halt a cold, and even prevent a heart attack.

1) Superglue

It can help heal a shallow cut. Align the skin edges together, rub a thin layer of glue over them, and hold for 30 seconds.

2) A tea bag

For split lips, press a damp black tea bag to the area. Its tannins help halt bleeding in mouth and gum tissue.

3) Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Dole out a drop when you're in a germy situation and need clean hands, such as before eating at a mall food court.

4) Uncoated aspirin

It's not just for headaches. If you have heart attack symptoms, it could be lifesaving. Chew one and seek emergency care.

5) Nasal spray

To stop a nosebleed quickly, use a nasal spray containing oxymetazoline (such as Afrin), and then apply pressure for 10 minutes.

6) Tweezers

They can remove splinters, bug stingers, and glass from cuts.

7) Bandages

If you get a blister while on the run, your feet will thank you.


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