Jamaica Fights Zika Virus Outbreak With Reggae-Infused PSA

PHOTO: Jamaicas Ministry of Health made a music video about the Zika Virus.PlayMinistry of Health, Jamaica/YouTube
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The Jamaican Ministry of Health released a very different kind of public service announcement today using plenty of song and dance to get its point across about the ongoing Zika virus outbreak.

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The ministry created a reggae music video about the Zika virus to encourage residents to get rid of stagnant water and to use bug spray to help prevent the transmission of the virus.

"A special shoutout to pregnant ladies, protect yourselves and protect your babies," the singer raps in the video, warning residents to use bug spray and citronella candles.

"We no want Zik V!" the singer adds, using the shorthand name for Zika virus often used by health officials.

The humorous video comes as the Zika virus continues to spread across the Americas. The virus usually causes mild symptoms including fever, rash and fatigue that clear up in a week. However, it has been associated with an increase in a rare birth defect called microcephaly in Brazil. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning pregnant women to reconsider travel to any country with ongoing transmission of the Zika virus, including Jamaica.