Kaci Hickox Boyfriend Bets 'You Can Guess Who We Voted For'

Nurse who fought Maine quarantine voted absentee ballot.

Hickox's boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, told ABC News today, "We voted yesterday in absentia, and you can guess who we voted for. We encourage all the good people of Maine to join us in returning decency to Blaine house."

A judge ruled in Hickox's favor last week after state officials tried to legally enforce a mandatory quarantine for her that went beyond federal health guidelines. Then Gov. Paul LePage tried to force her to take a blood test for Ebola even though she tested negative for the deadly virus twice after being placed in an isolation tent in Newark, New Jersey, and false negative tests are possible even after a person is symptomatic.

Hickox, 33, has said she has not had Ebola symptoms. Hickox agreed Monday to active monitoring until Nov. 10, prompting officials to cancel a hearing scheduled for today that would have rehashed the quarantine debate. She is allowed to leave her home.