Are You a Germaphobe? Tell ABC News!

Your Story Could Be Shared in an Upcoming Primetime Segment

PHOTO: Man cleaning kitchen counter

Do you consider yourself a "germaphobe?" Are you obsessed with cleanliness and keeping your family safe from the bacteria that might be lurking everywhere you go? Do you take disinfecting things to the extreme? Do you look at the world around you and see the potential germ danger everywhere? Do you possibly have special techniques to help you minimize the threat, for example, when you plan a family vacation, or even a trip to the playground, do you pack a special kit to disinfect and protect you and your family from germs?

If so, ABC News wants to hear from you.

As part of a new primetime show, ABC News is looking to interview people who consider themselves to be "germaphobes" for an upcoming primetime segment on modern families and their battles against germs. If you are interested in sharing your experiences, fill out the form below and an ABC News producer could get in touch with you.

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