Newborn Screening Live Blog

PHOTO: Home Births vs. Hospital BirthsGetty Images
Studies find that babies born at home are 10 times as likely to be stillborn compared to babies born in hospital.

Every time a baby is born in the United States, health screening quietly goes on in the background to ensure each newborn babe is disease free with no future health scares on the horizon. It's a good thing this has been happening for the past fifty years -- the Association of Public Health Laboratories estimates that screening programs save more than 12,000 babies a year in this country.

In honor of Newborn Screening Awareness Month, ABC Health held a Twitter chat to discuss the topic. The chat, moderated by Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News' chief health and medical correspondent, aimed to help parents and caregivers understand everything they need to know about newborn screening.

The entire chat transcript is available or you can skim the contents of the live blog below for the highlights. Mobile users can view the blog link here.