'Pegan' Diet: Paleo Plus Vegan Results in New Diet Trend

What do you get when you combine the paleo and vegan diets? It's the new trend.

— -- The latest diet trend to take the Internet by storm is the "pegan" diet, which combines elements of the popular paleo and vegan diets for a whole new regimen.

“It's just a diet that makes sense,” said Dr. Mark Hyman of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.

Hyman coined the phrase “pegan.”

The diet offers a compromise between the two popular diets. The paleo diet, nicknamed the caveman diet, consists of meats, nuts, fish and vegetables, shunning grain products and processed food. In other words, it consists of foods that our caveman ancestors would eat. The vegan diet is rich in fruit and grain, but it doesn’t incorporate animal products.

“Combining the best elements of both of those gives you a balanced and healthy diet,” Hyman said.

The pegan diet allows some meat consumption, adds gluten-free whole grains and boosts consumption of fruit and vegetables.

“You're cutting out dairy. You're cutting out gluten. You're cutting out lots of sugar. You're cutting out all the processed, refined foods,” Hyman said, adding the diet was a “sensible way of eating that creates health.”

But followers of the pegan diet could be missing something important, said Michele Promaulayko, the editor in chief of Yahoo Health.

“So one of the drawbacks of this diet is that without the dairy you are missing some calcium,” she said, “but you can compensate for that by drinking nut milks or taking a calcium supplement.”