Police Departments 700 Miles Apart Help Rescue New York Woman

Ji-Hoon Seo stayed on Skype as officers responded to his fiancee's apartment.

— -- A quick-thinking graduate student and two police departments separated by over 700 miles came together to help save a woman suffering a medical emergency.

"I called her name I think more than 10 times. She didn't reply," Seo, 24, told ABC News. "I didn't know what to do."

"I thought 911 is connected through all the states, but it's not," Seo said. "I told them, 'My fiancee is passed out, please help her.' But they said, 'We have to connect to the New York department.'"

Seo stayed on the line as dispatchers in Indiana relayed information to the New York police and fire departments, according to Lafayette police, and the video chat was used to help find the right apartment.

New York officers forced their way into the apartment, where they found Seo's fiancee unresponsive but breathing, according to Lafayette police. She was taken to a hospital.

Seo said he remained on Skype during the entire ordeal.

Seo, who flew to New York on Friday to be by his fiancee's side, said they're still not sure what caused her to pass out. He declined to give ABC News her name.

"She's at home," Seo said. "Now I think she's okay."