Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome

Many of the people who have restless legs syndrome may only have a mild form of this neurological condition. However, millions suffer from a form that is severe enough to disrupt their lives.

In order to officially diagnose a patient with RLS, doctors look for the following symptoms:

  • A strong, possibly irresistible urge to move the legs. This urge is often accompanied by uncomfortable sensations.
  • Urges to move that start or become worse when the patient is resting. Also, the longer the patient is resting, the greater the chance that symptoms will occur and the more severe they are likely to be.
  • Complete or partial relief that comes through moving the legs. This relief normally persists as long as the movement continues.
  • A worsening of urges toward the evening, especially when the patient is lying down.

For more information, visit the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation's website.