Survey Names Best and Worst States for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

VIDEO: Most Sleep-Deprived State in the
WATCH Most Sleep-Deprived State in the Country

South Dakota gets the prize for having the best sleeping habits, according to a new survey on sleep from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than a third of Americans aren't getting the recommended amount of sleep, according to the CDC.

A good night's sleep should last at least seven hours and those who sleep less than seven hours a night are at an increased risk for obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure, the CDC said.

The survey breaks down sleeping habits by state. On average, 65 percent of respondents reported getting a healthy amount of sleep. On one end of the sleep spectrum, 72 percent of respondents in South Dakota reported that they sleep seven hours a night or more.

The most sleep-deprived state in the nation is Hawaii, with only 56 percent of Hawaiians reporting they get the recommended seven or more hours of sleep per night.

The researchers also found that being married, having a college degree and having a job were associated with healthy sleep.

This is the first nationwide survey of sleeping habits of American adults.