Living With Down Syndrome

Kelle Hampton discusses her family's journey of acceptance and love.
5:01 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Living With Down Syndrome
My name is Kelly Hansen I have two children he needs more and my daughter -- to -- and Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder where. Instead of two copies of the 21 from its own child -- three copies. The moment -- I was born and they handed her to me -- immediately knew something was different and her face and some of the things in the words. Now you know please god now. And was about an hour before we were actually told that yes they thought she -- -- and I think -- amounts is just feeling mind. She wasn't my daughter -- Couldn't I was hoping some -- is maybe it was like. And you know he felt like -- this baby that I had dreamed of for nine months I had imagined what this child would be. And you're just holding somebody else's baby grieving son -- -- hours. 50% of newborns without -- kind. Hearts defects and they immediately denounce her son and thankfully knows her place. Finding and we were so grateful. I worried about people making fun of -- -- worried that she wouldn't talk. That she. Wouldn't -- the -- I thought of -- as so different. Also -- -- you know. The very first night was. The musgrave has ever had kind that was. The entire night I cried. Almost physical pain just heaving sobs those first -- as the -- thing came from now. And it was so healing. You know as I'm sobbing and crying and still holding his baby that was -- and she needed me and nursing was very -- and I just realized she still in -- she's still my child -- -- -- love her and a lot of healing came from from my first daughter. See this -- she didn't see Down syndrome and watching her in a way that she loved her. Was completely pure and I want and to love my daughter my -- he -- her. She's opened our eyes more so to a world. I'm beauty and finding beauty and inspiring others -- just about on cinema itself so many things I found Carrigan -- -- lots of this beautiful sister relationships is gonna have. Wasn't necessary she has the exact relationship that I thought they would have and I can't play and I am I -- -- things. She talks since a box and she plays its. It's it's not what people think this. I felt the time Johnson does not -- my daughter does not define our -- As we -- now we've been very blast she's doing wonderful. And she's. She's for tax. Rate now we have the same expectations for an -- as we do for dealing with high expectations and we expect the bass I plan an -- will go to school I am I mean that she will be in -- regular classroom. I will provide her opportunities to learn about music and art. And find out why her Forte is about her -- -- in a Foster that just like we do whether their children. I think it's a feeling when I go back and and think of those first days -- things that I worried about and the stereotypes. That I had in my mind about -- syndrome. Now I I just see her as a child now as -- and it's not really that they can deal. -- -- just turned two and time. And we laugh and say that when she turned -- all of a sudden -- and I'm bringing. She's a very happy child at her birthday celebration -- grandparents and my stop signs were there and Laney and we were all surrounded. Around her high chair singing happy birthday. That moment for me you'll always -- every year only thing happy birthday we'll just be such a pure moment of gratitude -- bring someone strikes were family. And she is an incredibly bright. Beautiful funny child. And we are so lucky to have her.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Kelle Hampton discusses her family's journey of acceptance and love.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15483374","title":"Living With Down Syndrome","url":"/Health/video/living-with-down-syndrome-15483374"}