10% Happier Road Trip: Tempe Police Chief on Meditation and Policing

ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren are in Arizona with Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir to talk about why she encourages her officers to meditate.
46:27 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for 10% Happier Road Trip: Tempe Police Chief on Meditation and Policing
And Dan Harris I'm on the couch in this economic. Could even more grave than that were on the couch. In chief Sylvia moyers office here at the ten he. Arizona police department I'm along. 98. Come Padre. Co pilot co conspirator for the last night days Jeff Warren. Amazing meditation teacher and Jeff and I've been traveling across the country. On this 10% happier meditation or were talking to people about. What are the obstacles that get in the way. The use serie a meditative practice or maybe things that are Mets and up your practice and we're trying to get under the hood. See what we can learn and we're gonna turn at all and two a book. And stories for ABC news and also. Podcasts. For ABC news which was forwarded to right now at the chief and also contents for the 10% happier app where you can learn how to meditate. Free at fidelity app a late chief. After all that's for clearing thank you appreciate it. Thank you for choosing to come this MP. We're and at we're discussing earlier. I realize I've been spending much of my life mispronouncing the name of your fair city. I did the very same thing I was corrected in the interview process when I was testing to come to attend B team and they said buddies say Tempe here Tempe. And I said well I say temping out message. And they actually did decision. Use it. It wasn't interesting Hannah pathway for me. I it was a student at the Naval Postgraduate School and as a practicing chief of police in the San Francisco Bay Area. And that read an article by a lieutenant Richard nearly. And I found to be compelling and what the mind on this practice offered or the united states military. And in the private sector and a hot hot. I wonder if there's something that would make sense. In policing to help us as police officers. As police executives. Help us help our people with you. Companies that explains lieutenant Richard Caro he has he's he's police officers Portland organ removed. Found meditation and using it in stone work and his own department and he become servant national evangelist among police officer. He has and I think there's a light he brings science he brings reason he brings credibility. And what he does is he sets the stage that. Is really easy for skeptics to dive again and start engaging in the practices I think. Richard really wrote in the uninteresting way. And I and at the time I was not only in the new post graduate school's student. And the chief but I was also connected with the board the California police chiefs association. And we were examining training that we deliver not only to executives in policing but two police officers. And so it was a natural thing for me did he inquisitive and asking what it was about and would there be applications that we can ride. In policing in California start from so that was my entry was inquiring. Connecting with him diving into the science and then I became mania. And in a practitioner. Kinda kinda. How I just thought well what is this. Crunchy granola. If out of or again. And I was. I am me. I think someone said of fidgety. For fidgety skeptics and need fidgety skeptic and one of those people that have never been born a moment. Is that things happening head. And I thought meditation. Met. That I had to ceased thinking. And engage in something different I said well that's what it is never do it. So. I can describe my pack and a later to being a practitioner and then bringing. The promises. Practice to policing and one that. How did you get oh. I really did it Dan by just saying look this isn't about me. This is about to diving into a potential practice that if it creates meaning if it helps. Guardians police officers with the acute chronic it cumulative stress in the toxicity of this work and I abs have a responsibility. To learn more and if it makes it to bring it to police. With agree realized that. It was it was mine because I thought I'm going to be sitting there and I I am. Distracted by a lot of things. And I thought I'm going to hear some clock ticking I'm going to your bird. I'm going to as a police officer going to hear footsteps and I'm going to want to react to those footsteps. And safeguard people and this heightened awareness that police officers always have to have. I'm never going to be about the day. And my infamous gave me permission and I kind of describe it likeness mindful misses is awareness. And this non judgmental. Attention. Two movie Kenneth evolving. Experience that hat. And as a practitioner. I learned that it's okay recognized that there's a distraction. I always say thank you. Because I want to be in gratitude say thank you have been distraction come back peacefully. So the fact I got permission to do that. And to drift every once in awhile and it was OK was the liberating her from me. How amazing. So so well said the M we've been. This this moment and realize that you got distracted and that the intelligent movement saying. Thank you going back to it mean that is such a Smart. Move that mostly but don't realize how important that is because. We knew if you're actually getting frustrated that moment instead you're training yourself to never want to kind of notice because it's going to be next general war but you're saying. Thank you. It's like you're just creating totally friendly inner climate that that actually increases the possibilities he's being able to to concentrate more fully so. He got into is that usually file it away. Yet it's super helpful and I really attributed to the way there guided. Because I think so often and I have additional teachers yes I missed two and a half day a Immersion that we that we went there we written with Richard Ennis and his co partners co teacher. And so I think what it did for me was. Give me permission and I think so often we need that in order to be something different than construct that we have Hoffman idea or notion half. And so that was incredibly helpful for me and that's a part of my practice. I I really practiced granted a lot. More. The people to come at me with anger and say thank you for things that. I used to fight against and it's give me a really trustees Kenneth path cents. I would imagine a lot of people listening as the elect blow. Police officers saying thank you people coming afterward anger and you know all the typical thing you answer adhered you know the kind of handle all the problems a look at that sand thank you all on them. How any root of the problem. I wouldn't believe these words coming out of my mouth and I believe in my soul two years and leasing for. Since 1988. Totally different. And I think it's an evolution theory and I think. That by saying think you I'm not fighting against it. We we talk a lot and the executive circles of policing. And really among some amazing thought leaders. Finally we talk about the corrosive at the police. And that each event. Is this chorus trip by. I really. Having practices that help us deal recently Hansen I think it too is part. Saying thank you for that experience but for that suffering and finding meaning in this suffering and and fighting against this Kenneth thinking I think it would be really difficult. Yeah it's interesting here. It's actually an even deeper practice then there's already the practices accepting what's coming out welcoming thing and you view. Cultivated meditation the equanimity. But the gratitude. Is like an extra level on top but because it's implicit. What's in president is saying there's a lesson in this for some for Mueller about this experience now it has meaning. And that honors the experience. Puts a whole new level on to things I think that you guess your teachers are really got good instincts but that's that's why I'm here. That's saying thank you because it's really to me that's really T. Two remaining open hearted mean policing is this incredible profession that I don't think people have. I do say going under that actually can creepy and cop turns ice terms Isiah pull back the curtain to kind of demystify. And I think can. I've found police officers to be credible people that we view our responsibility here duty in this call as we're guardians all ways. And waves when it. I think your experience with the men and women of Tempe police earlier today. Probably illustrated that for very kind compassionate people tough snails to. Just to fill and and we we spent time and if your officers earlier and these are folks are like her whole heartedly embracing it is. Cracks a meditation. And I would precedents like you know how a lot of people like this is you you're gonna lose your aunt Jeannie beat up on this Kevin there and they were saying. Actually this makes us better because we're not at war when their own internal experiences were more aware of what the kind of stress for feeling we're not taking whatever aggression came out in the last call and next call also were better at connecting with the people route they're protecting there. I agree and I think it takes courage it takes courage because there's this narrative around police officers that. That we are hard tough cynical. And I think tough and hardened cynical perhaps in one or type description. But I think it's it totally courageous. To engage in the wave it helps us experience what's unfolding. And to be authentic in the ways that we're delivering service and interpreting this environment. Think one of the promising things that my infamous offers besides it's incredibly important resilience peace. And expanding perspective piece is. I think the promise will be and understanding. The path of others the experience and others. That are fair impartial policing practices will be enhanced as a result. Mindful on this practices. Because it's free of judgment it's free. Kind of I cannot find what you're going to experience and just taking and what this unfolding experience offers. And I think there's real promise for all of us. Hamsters that your had found any kind of real challenge trying to apply. Hours are site you're trying to vita pistols and mandates so artists to situation. You know fatigue is one I think always it's is interesting place. It takes incredible administrative. And professional courage. To move. Courage to incur inch. The practices meditation police. Really fast because of the very question you're asking officers currently. Are we talking about this is gonna make you lose your age you're going to be soft. What about the tactical in this city of of the job. How. What about you know you have to make split second decisions and be tactic least I offer that makes us more tactically. I am not when the big talents have now. Is cultivating the discipline. Not to be he street cop. So on the tame it that means for me is. I am not a field for. I don't it's going to a police cars touched people going in neighborhoods. And can act with people and beat first hand person make history gives Harmon. I served than men and women. And it sir they can eat. And I think it challenges I used meditative practices my infamous acts as differently. He's been in this for use them in this from earlier. I meet with. A variety of groups different things that I engaged as a police executives now range from. Budgets personnel strategy policy. Community gates and development. Internally. Identifying strategic priorities for us. And I meet with a lot of people that are really angry. I meet with people that are suffering that don't feel they've been served buying the justice system. And so I do it in this room with family members who have lost someone that officers that have done wrong and I'm holding them accountable. And so he's at different. And use it in a very static. Environment where I'm not using mind on this practices as many of our field. Uniformed officers are. They're using it to enhance their cognitive ability and all the other. Things that we talked about so I think the challenge is triggered likening it to recommending. And the challenge is using it. In the process of meeting with people better and stress and distress. And it's also. Four. A lot of people take out their anger. On me and it's in those moments where have to really gauge. But also let's. Gates says this makes sense am. And just curious does it feel any different plying him in this context when you administrators just it's the same thing. One if there's a day. I think it's a little different here because. On the T if people look to me for these micro accuse my face any coloring any. And eyebrow that'll go up screened. That. I think they looked to me from biker keys for feedback so I have to be very. Aware. How I'm practicing it and also state completely engaged place. Totally see basically you have got to walk the talk that's the thing though here teaching. Your modeling and all the time and you are modeling and a way that's like the next level he has only people who are looking him. Can give me too much credit I don't think I'm teaching. I didn't. In the way you hold yourself mean its third alike actors explicit teaching. And what you're actually pointing at the principles but then there's implicit teaching in just like. You know talking about the practice in in the way you talk about it and we've carrier so becomes obvious that there's something going on there. That's section apart I think people are most influenced by the way it's basically role models. Because you hold it in her body language you'll that in here. Alli are you can't. It's hard to fake that. I think it's hard to fake anything like I have. 810 pay a monthly Kopp I love being chief. That. I see of people four people. And to identify those things that make a difference in the lives of our our employees internally professional staff and arts once staff. They can all benefit from this. We are committed holy. To we have five key initiatives always the first one for an increased artists address and reduce crime in fear of crime. On the other end of that our fifth key initiatives is employee. Development and resilience. Mrs. one piece of the other piece it's the permission to move to grow whole Lee. And to develop as an entire human being and is police practitioner. Q similar look back that's an interesting philosophy to have it's to the police I think it's amazing that that idea of moving towards. Full development of the person. So I think what it argues it is that we think technique and most professions we think I'm going to develop unity journalists. You're going to look it he's just knowledge base and perhaps in policing it is there there's knowledge but there's also. The ability to analyze and synthesize and evaluates at some higher order thinking. It also argues that we are developing people in terms of the experiences. Add we're developing the whole person so developing heart and mine tests and saying look in policing it's essential. That we respond. We don't act. And this is really interesting evolution it's kind Tempe. So I took over for a chief that they have for a lot of years and he did some good some amazing things and he has very culture. Yes the culture in the organization Alice I think becoming a little bit different. We are contemplating we respond. We we don't. React to things in a way that would be like they fired the day. We hear very. We think. And we respond this. In a different way. Think to develop the whole person is suits say that your not Jessie here. It's inclusive practices that you can be everything that you are spiritually year. But what makes up the whole person. And whoever you are. You are welcome here in you don't have to spend time and energy being something not to assimilate to what you believe culture will accept. So I think some of that is overt some of its Covert. And I think it. We are giving broader progression for people to to be heat and serve our community. Has guardians of people in the way that is right for them and can Acer. I think I might feel the different I think their a lot of incredible. Police executives doing some amazing things in this. No. It's agreed on. Its act and at my age I can't do and cross legged on the fourth saint. Yeah out on a chair a chair Kent persons so. And I some routines I haven't completely would be situated my meditative practice I. Some of it I have habit. In the early morning. And I like to run again my. Juices flying and then and meditate. It is sitting and is following a guided app. That has helped me. Reminds me to get myself permissions can as a distraction but this and holding experiences. You've had to follow it. And I try so the practice but it looks like specifically me sitting in the chair going through guided apt when I'm alone. If I'm here my office jobs close the door for just ten minute tuna. Because the daily life the police executives in the municipality like ten. Use. 6:30. In the morning till tonight I think we're done around ten. And the array of subjects that we engage with her. Some are really heavy. And summer morning might be debated plan for the future but I don't sit in and chair. And just the man mind really is centered around an expression of gratitude. For. Clarity and just really humbling being in the position in. Here and essentially there. The grads who probably gives you resilience. And so that gives energy who gives you insight and they've taken a moment of that kind of appreciation Erica helps connect mechanic exceed two feeling and meaning energy. Mr. understand how that supports. What you do here is it seems fundamental. And enough at an answer for you but I found that in all areas of my life span and senator. For me. Man it wasn't always aware that I was in gratitude but some way it's just kind surfaced over time. Okay shared with you earlier that I think. Being a chief. Police. In Tempe. Is this. The most liberating. Professional experience of my life. Because I. I really nothing that I do is about me Sylvia here it's about the role of the chief and the men and women of the organization. And center and somebody I know some video right knee and city. Smoking dope or something that's really laughed at really. But I really I believe that it's been liberating far for me. And I feel that this kind of service that engage in this time in policing. People sale to time some course time cop. So since the sick sixty sweet and really engagement how do we police how do we engage with communities how do we serve. People that count different needs wants and and this complexity policing is so past. This social net has failed in some ways from the police have stepped in to. And I think we've gone beyond. The origins of policing communities. And filled gaps that perhaps our. Natural to desperately trying to make it work. I think it's a best time to be a police officer and best time to be police executive. Because I think that social permission to exhibit. Social permission to gauge with people differently think differently perhaps speak differently. Take different action. I think. That's why this is the right time for these practices to take hold this really prompts. And you also you have a culture of people are used to doing standpoint is that to me her used to training. Police are thinking about like working on skills and that's just part of the culture of this place. Good point profession frankly. Great point because were really good at finding those common perishable skills. Then the shooting driving defensive tactics. All of the laws are always changing and what we're doing with my funds practices as for saying look we're going to he gives him tools. You take it. You use it. For the whole year who personal and professional make it what works for you might feel Corky. Maybe all of the different than Dan bouncer EB different than somebody else does but you make it your worst. And continue. To practice again mask and the scale. And I think there is you've it's a great point because we train consistently. So when used to hold its. Helping. Your officers in and very specifically what what can it do. Here if I'm officer houses helped me do my jet better. So I take a couple ways one is that if if we are more aware. Of the unfolding experience. Then I think it lends to. Seeing the environment differently. And from an operational or tactical perspective. If anything can get us to calm down and increase our our cognition. Increased our awareness than a benefit us. It and the other is that for self. There are. Cute chronic and cumulative stretchers really the toxicity of policing. Things we often don't talk about. If we can build resilience. Than we are more healthy throughout her career and it the end of our career still out of broken people. Closed off there are partners sold because. If it saves them. For. Suffering. And I think those are two real ways that the practice shows lot of props police. Deaton were to time in a country where. There's so much tension between. The police and the community can or. There's so much tension between some police departments and some communities now. Do you think my honest and meditation is something that can actually helped with these really profound and subsidized. Violent. In has chasm that exists. Without a doubt I think the practice ship's props for getting us to be present not take trackers. Not take the bait. That makes us act and if the practiced. It can get asked to see the perspective of another towing cancer compassion. Then I think it does. Lend itself to. Broader application. In policing. And it's interesting I met lift them members of our east valley. NAACP this morning. And we're talking about this about how we engage with. With my brother's keeper in each. From the White House Halloween gauged with young men and boys of color how we engage with youths that the brains haven't fully developed. And there's a lot of sites it says young man's brain doesn't fully developed 24. It's shocking for me can hire 21 but still not developed this sort of well you know we're all over since it. But if we can teach practice is to get. People. Marginalized communities. Caregivers police officer everybody if we if we can gauge of practices that in some way opt for us. And ability to move to rule the dialogue with compassion and to learn from each other at then why wouldn't encourage. I think it shows a lot promise and broader reasons we've seen this. EB Asian high stress. This journalism. Westerners much fires cops. And structure and and so I think now how does one stay and it truth to that noble and why we enter the professions we enter. And it in. The practice shows promise Baer and helps us remain true to answering the call to journalism. Answering the coal. Two police whatever profession reentry into extra par heart and souls to expand there. The majority of our lives in our professional environment. And practice helps us and remember. Why we got into it and returns us to this place of attitudes. And should it continue practicing. Gee thank you. Thank you know what. Else it's painless I don't out here very now his finance sector with Richard. Gerling. This weekend. Really. Connected with him in terms of what he's doing as Serena. And he sits in a you've basically been doing stuff your whole life as an athlete like talk to bury us. As a police professionally talk debris from collagen combat creeping back in the days we can have cleared. And and all of these environments were taught. To breathe and to call ourselves and be fully pressed. So I appreciate that you wanted to come to Tempe and that you're bringing this to the masses. Q. I'm committed to twelve. I have a go from tends to say hey caressing the NF. One of my co hosts on weekend Good Morning America Ron Claiborn when I put my. Look out at first he. Made a fake book jacket. 11% at your ironically party held it up on the air look. If you're on to buy one book that. That's just just painted. So what is he found most surprising about this journey of years. Well park just. So there's all the stuff we've learned about what gets in the way. When and then does include. People who assume they can. Probably you have whenever he heard about it can't use equipment mind and that's that's one of the things we found gather is that tack this. And ten people about ways you can slot and part your day we're actually you to write for your better free at your car or gone to the house or your office he manipulative and also the and replace that is they don't usually you don't need thirty minutes this week it's great avid but if you Atalanta one minute to minute treatment by and it's like that's that's cool. Get that it thing we've been finding something in this is these two. Optical there definitely issues that you deal with one is. In the awkward moment on me. And also in might and might force. And turning one minute please mark there's a lot of risk of not looking hard core. I and so. That isn't really interest in place like what is this abstract in his statements this concept of I mean in society today and what this how will you push games against the engine. Yeah I'm I was gonna ask you wrote that have how do you push against the edge of that. Seen as. In that kind of more Reno to cheat the role of the chief that traditional masculine paragon reflects stealing us you know. Two X. Back so. I guess I rented a place where I found the benefit. Embodying some of the more feminine traits and it doesn't mean feminine as in. Recruit but I think what it says is I think I looked at eastern thought and yin and Yang masculine traits feminine traits and I really think. That there's more social permission kind of this fluid approach. That one doesn't have to give up. Compassion. To be courageous when dosing give up one to achieve the other. And so I arrived at kindness in this intellectual. Endeavor I also found. That there are excellent strengthen the emotional side in the the other things that make us people. I think the fluidity aids is really important. Because. I think takes away a lot of what you're supposed to do and it just gives. This past week authenticity just be what this situation calls for. Do what the individual. Needs. Increases. Some pathways constitutes authentic and resonate sometime it doesn't resonate others. Today you. We need NASA chief have to be. To qualify and have to be tactically and physically fit and be proficient tools and tactics. But I think there's also different. Approach that society and really police in his. Said some permission to you. To the extent that any. Those spending figures masculine. Fields and masculine demeans our kind of on the periphery still a bit. Their that may give us. Yes son some permission to try some new things. And. Many if not most of the best leaders I've ever had my professional ethics have been have been you know. Who. Enters. And I think it's true I really applaud you for doing what you're doing. Doesn't. Bringing this to people who doesn't make a man less masculine terms of the male cents. I really think it strengthens you. And I applaud that the men look at the menu met today in Tempe those are very masculine figures played. Sports in college tuition there aren't really incredible. Warrior type figures that they they have. Recognize they don't lose what makes them a man I am gauging and some of these practices and denting in the expansion of compassion and really remarkable people. You know one if retirement is that I wanna might wanna. Obstacles that I counted as trying to add yours as I was contemplating meditation was that. Not really in the market for you know getting in touch my emotions it's not me. But. The emotions are there any way so good eating scene clearly. Or as yet says they on the and that has been. And I think that actually talking about that with the EU or men and women. It was obvious that that would mean sense if you go into a tough situation or you go come home from work after its restoration. And your options are squash your emotions drink them away. Or actually see them what they are so that they DNC process. Cherry its Medicaid or meditate. The Israelis I'm not here options right and great thing about meditation takes no equipment. You don't need anything. And that's remarkable. I'm runner run pass full marathons and meaning issues nowadays you need to yes in Poland lights off. But meditation really offers you this equipment free. Liberation its equipment free. And practice that enriches your life. About and that literally is the trajectory of realizing you don't need anything. I mean in every way that bereaved that every moment is complete its own way there's nothing that needs to be added on to let you know that. Becomes more more of the baseline that deals it is available at this is coming inherently satisfying all of each each moment. And its own claim it's only your ideas that something's wrong with it that are what make it a problem. Then so that the paradox there is how do you have that position and still be motivated to make a difference. Unity you can because having that position is what creates the efficiency. But creates clean signal to allow waited act when he need to act there's no interference there's no all the interference that comes with like fighting with your life. Fighting with the present moment trying to pretend it's it should be different some player trying to negotiate with it you can drop all that. What's left as is that this clear centered awareness that can then act more effectively. That's the trajectory we you know that it's an ideal but it does seem to be play out of people's lives. Oh. Don't they can't completely achieve that if it's good particularly lifetime mean it staff says the long it's interesting on Friday night. Commanders sitting down with men and women from the organization professional staff and sworn that that have not performed well on oral Boortz. And so we are sitting down talking about the practices. And the discipline to engage in practices. When you're on the spot that's not tough. Happening. Right now. You're right but you just an. Well. Yes and there's there's creek consequence for them when they're sitting there in policing if you want to permanent. You want to go to detectives are specialty. Sickened or report tests. And so what we're talking about it won't be engaged with them on there are some of the practices. And then we went into. Some of their fears were regarding Cox looked this panel members he was riding. So did that mean that was saying what I'm supposed to say. So we talked about some of the practices of just wrecking that. Just pastor acknowledge it and I didn't let that pass through in the discipline that it takes two to say okay. I'm freaking out this very moment. And let that cop don't try to judge you based on what you're seeing in this unfolding experience just taken insane thinking. And then just proceed am I didn't know how to teach them fat but I did offer some resources for them so they can to engage justice. And it's unfolding. Don't try to control it don't try to take it somewhere don't judge it just let it go. I got through. I think there's. In what you're saying is also are really important compassion peace to keep in mind which is that this is this is kind of ideal day to to aim for. That view inevitably life some new level intense he's in command that now and you have got together celebrate perhaps because you will. You lose it you know I asked Asencio commend you won't act your best you'll be reactive he'll be overwhelmed. And then afterwards it's like okay. That just shows you where there's still work to do it's not an assist their it is a matter who you are there's going to be something some intense it's gonna come up at some point it's gonna. Potentially be a morning for a Venice is about recognizing that fact gives you lot of compassion rather people as everyone's in that ever has written a different thresholds but there's a special. It's interestingly. Richard nearly rumor going through the two and half day intensive. Retreat. I found them much more compassionate people pan am so. Powell had. You are so they're very high standard. Apparently I didn't. So I I was there with. Chief Jennifer tejada and this the Emory hill California police department we're going through the training together so then we can't. Kenneth B champions advisors and advocates for this. Promising practice and we just shaking our heads because it not we are such kind compassionate people when it comes everyone else. We put ourselves no slack. And so who she and I as kind of colleagues and friends are really trying to help each other through. And I don't he found that acts. Like the primary obstacle for people. For some people yeah doesn't listing some of the obstacles before and that's aptly want them. Which is that people feel like. I'm. It's taking care or anybody else who I don't self indulgent I dedicate this time it to us. Act I will offer that I heard. Have no attribution Ford but I heard this that there's really two and definitions for selfish and in. United States in the English language we say selfish to do for oneself at the deprivation. Where S eastern plot has to real definitions one is typical. North American definition has too deep for oneself that the deprivation of others but they also offer. That there's a second in this has to do for self so I can be of greater service to others. I had no idea if that's true I had no idea where it came from. But I've latched onto it as this piece that I'd take five minutes to sit in my chair. And to do this will be greater sentence on whether that is acting to safeguard somebody holding you know grabbing criminal. Taking someone to jail or comforting someone when their suffering. I think the practice helps us. Do that friends. Yeah it's instantly historically when you look at the group the lives of great change makers like the great sages and saints and there's always a pattern or withdrawn return. Apparently trying working on yourself you know a year review working through this is these things have been and we return you can be more effective. And it scene is common sense that understanding that those of the two. That's the rhythm. And yet we have such Hayat or such because we're such doers and Wes a go go go do do do act act act. We can't we don't take that time to for the other side of that without withdrawal side of going in working in it but that's what creates their capacity. Neo do it eventually going to see if people burn out they've freak out day enemies ballpark. So it's common sense. And there's still that you really resonates with me because we have this really interesting idea. We were Carter island prison. You can education kids this days or longer a number of days kids are in school. In in a year there are more there's more home. There's more than to do but the achievement hasn't kept up with the the extra effort this really did. I mean it's funny people think exactly bear down harder. Sir don't even harder Barrett even harder for what happens here just like deepening that feedback you know and and and every was heavy experience in her life of like. Doubling down doubling down Delhi findings give. Take couple days not a guess what that all of a sudden they're that much more productive again but if you just kind of held the seat is held onto it you wouldn't have. You know that just its corporate battle and it's such an. Like a simple simplistic understanding of who how how. Mines and services to work to think the the environment needs to change for that her mission creek and I think we have a sabbatical yes a sabbatical and cities Tempe if you've been there fifteen years to basically you take a month. And I think fifteen years old long time and grinding it out and suffering to get that into the nascent peace. This I think there's not a lot of he used the word permission I don't think there's a lot of space permission otherwise for for people to do. I know in Tempe when things we've started me command staff and executive team is. Tapped out unplug time. Because most of us we we have our phones right next to us in the shower. Because where we have to be connected toy cars today. Because of the drain and eight the profession. And to be in command in the executive here connected all the time and so we are trying to institute some. Tap out. Just get away and do for you. And we got us others it well we'll take it but that takes real. Shared understanding. Of the benefits. And it's not the sexiest thing and sound are its hard for people to continue its. That's tough. And when the problem is it's tough to get people to disengage and care for themselves I mean maybe that's a good problem to have. But it's certainly is a problem. I mean we are according to is it site. There are so much urgency there are so many real huge problem the last thing people think that you need to do is actually. Here is is that. You know away from process to hate me too because you hear your sense of responsibility and care what's going is so strong opinions let go yeah. That is it really B that was an academic content see when I doing team. Because the call was if you're not here every minute of every day here 70%. And so shifting that cultures and really tough. I think. Policing. Policy opened at. All the things that we do and police. Really important and that when that internal can't teacher to give permission to take place who heart. It's perhaps to be. Basis of trust. That she's not saying she's actually can deal came. Soul that's really interest. You're offered him. Keep thanks again and its most amazing and brilliant in Sydney and thanks for which are doing numbering in the sentinel. Well to being ignorant air right hand and yeah. Candace. Let me just say a lot of stream audience that. We have two more days on the on the 10% after meditation Torre can follow us on FaceBook. Or attention Packard I com. And. Tomorrow be lecturing him Gibson Pete people from the Chicago Cubs organization. And Dick Mueller an additive free kick at 10% happier which bill apple App Store or at your account. And we'll see you thanks again. Yes answering them and physical. Things. Thanks for sitting on the counts like enemy you know again this is my conversational space. It was very different and I'm handed it. But clearly a half men character and.

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{"duration":"46:27","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren are in Arizona with Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir to talk about why she encourages her officers to meditate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"45152474","title":"10% Happier Road Trip: Tempe Police Chief on Meditation and Policing","url":"/Health/video/10-happier-road-trip-tempe-police-chief-meditation-45152474"}