10% Happier Road Trip: Tempe Police on Using Meditation

ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren are in Tempe, Arizona, discussing the benefits of meditation in policing.
11:53 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for 10% Happier Road Trip: Tempe Police on Using Meditation
889 of the 10% happier across country. Magical misery tour and we are in Tempe Arizona night Hitler have announce that grant us that centers in common Tempe. It's time. And overdone trouble yet. And that's but the cost us. We are due this Jeff Warren is my favorite meditation teachers on planet earth and we've been gone across country and ridiculous boss and talk to people about what. You know people were sitting meditation but they're not yet doing it though or maybe they're just at the beginning and we're exploring what are the obstacles that keep you from. Do in this thing and or messes up or mess up your practice so. Would be time we've. Got from New York to Boston. Natural New Orleans Texas and now there. Thanks. Jeanne. Thoughts to tell you little bit of background about who we are in them will. Oh you guys who here. I work ABC news them one of the co anchors Good Morning America on the weekends and editor of weekday what. We do night. And a couple years ago I wrote a book called 10% happier. Which it countless skeptical Sparky take on meditation. I got to meditation that panic attack on television. In 2004. Which was embarrassing and cal let me you know weird winding way to meditation which were made it real difference for me. But I'm not of the view that it changes like everything your life it's not magic that's wecht of the papers here and after the book came out in the last couple of years I've noticed that medication is less embarrassing many used to be it's like it's more socially acceptable to you can significantly you do it and but what's interesting to me that people aren't actually doing it many people who want to do it are actually so. It started this company with those characters over there that teaches people had an entity on snapped a 10% happier and and we teamed up this guy to get the bus that I forgo cross country just kind of meet people talk to them and seen its. And charges that. Mir my passion is teaching meditation and trying to help to some people connect the dots between their lives and how this practice might be of benefit and it's amazing how widely applicable can be but it doesn't necessary mean it's applicable always and every situation generators estimates kind of that's what the adventurers. Its borrowings are so. Now so well I guess we'll hear from you as my thing's certain got sent us last night we get it right along with him was that. Here there is a little concerned that that if you meditate. That year fellow officers might make you a little bit and maybe. Maybe there's some worry that you'd lose your edge a little bit union it is job we do need to be tough he need to be on your game. You know sitting in cross Slaten floating up into the Kosmas might not actually do that so I'd love to hear anybody agrees natter has anything long lines. Up. Pluses. And entrench Monte now sort of the training unit and partly what you see is right there's a statement all with it. And at. People see you're doing it and you in the toughness. It really doesn't take anything away from what we actually do because we do it every single. From the southern learn in the academy is can't breathe. Just those deep grass and get yourself since when you go to one of those two called you're talking about last night with coma hot to call. Hot hot hot zone to be comes on everybody gets in this item on going adrenaline starts flowing. But on the way to a drive what are you doing to get yourself prepared for the we are doing it and they don't know they're doing it same thing we talked about officers and if you hunt he hasn't backed if you hunt what some of the stuff that you do here honey. Do you walk around Trenton all over the place are you kind of mindful about some things he's doing so. You still doing it and currently being quiet you're being you're doing a bunch of stuff that comes over their tactics to. So these guys working on swat or the sort twelve years with us our Johnson. We're mindful about stuff. We're eat your almost had a piece radical on and it isn't meditating pursue a with the legs crossed we went to have been Dorgan and I sense that your the entire time. But meditated from a chair. So the statement as part of that and that's a big push is everybody thinks you do lose some sort of edge he going to be like I would lose my edge but. I also equated backed if you have a child. The other child he still be soft with your child still come to this job and it still has awareness and as. Stern as I really need to be in this job. Umps let put it to that also knocked it home with my kids and I'm just 100%. Have to be mindful about Alley and child. And still soft and Raj the same way yet to kids the same exact way. Kids same exact way yet we still come to this job so I put it that way is if you get to do with your kids why can't you do it here with alters the normal people we normally talk. Your pet that's my wish for you're like a perfect perfect. Your count because you're definitely a bad ass and and meditate. They wheels have at feelings on this you know it. I don't know if there any people who are coming on the newer and to meditation who. May be feel a little bit like what writers and last night about. That there's some concern that this is a job redo need to be on point and and meditation might erode that a little bit. Culture gesture so I think what we're doing stretches of the department. We're breaking boundaries. Thinks of the command staff and the academy we started meditation which recruits any kind of advocates think my. Its arms talk about. Thing you do with the recruits we get really laughed at the academy started about. 83 years ago when I was out there. And how does that go down when you these guys and ends and women sign up two. The town police officers and when you say okay where to meditate has let go down. Blow everybody kind of like sees it as an egg again negative aspect of the courtroom. Police especially if they were in the military to that he gets would rather go run a rather lift weights but in the long run. You you'd get ready recommend action when we talk about him. Combat reading and whatnot in the outcome it's like full circle ultimately when you go under stress. Do you get any debt. Appeared that's much this. That it goes well. But in the beginning it was kind of weird people languages and you for an hour yes we're doing we brought in. People who coaches and they didn't medications star after yoga unity of as well sir so. Just don't kind of crazy at first but it was awesome because everybody was very receptive to it and it's connecting you policing community too easy yet. That's us. Anybody have more skeptical take. Up. Acting too it's important specially the police culture for a stood. For those that you know the Lima oh officer out there when we start talking about meditation may have that skepticism. I wanna sit down cross late you close my eyes. That's not when I'm here to do and I think it's important for us as we're bringing this to the department to help them understand the difference between. He practiced meditation. And Inge is being mindful and being aware which is what sort of team house as was talking about. I mean in firearms training we talk a lot about yield T which is brief listened think. 09. School and so. Yeah. So there's examples of this that were already doing you know just being being present wing nuts are to Martinez when a way to that meditation retreat. There was an emphasis on. And it sounds I mean that's the skepticism sounds a little corny but. Taking that breath and just feeling the Brett the warmth through your knows how to how's the breath feeling. And just being president. In that call earlier about to go owners about as you're about to open the door and go contact somebody and not worry about what goes to Anita page. Comic kids in school the fight that I just had my spouse not me personally. I would have asked me just ask it shall tell you. But. And so I think that's the bridge there that's the gap that we're gonna have to bridge department is we're doing a lot of these things ready and we talked about it we'll do it differently. But it's not maybe there's opportunities to do practice meditation. But that's not where we're talking about it being. And so we've candidate have yet to take this to the department as a whole but that's the direction. Jeffs accurate this is just the way you're. Yeah I mean I was thinking. It's training. Than the most able don't really understand what's getting tree. Your train him time but the mind has these different muscle groups basically so. If you can sort of understand what the muscle groups are better actually getting mean any sense you kind going to the gym for the mind you're working out is to come also groups that that that overflows. Having a sitting practice meaning sitting in a chair wherever you are. Eventually those the baseline levels of these qualities flowed in your life mr. effective moments were hopeful for the better. I thought we could do maybe actually let's just make this let's it's actually get practical receiving about implants you guys what these are also groups are that we're actually building. So maybe do it as short ten minute practice I'll lead you through it and I'll try to point out. Each one of these pieces that we're building up sea of a better sense of what it is it's getting train. And then in about how we lead in to more hypocrisy issue each of these work because a couple of qualities wanted to particulars kind of paradoxical. Because it has good Robiskie buildup concentration. Which is this year ability to kind of committee your attention in particular direction it's about commitments and staying power. That's the one everyone knows. We are also buildup clarity. Which is the ability to really untangle what's happening in your experience. So you can start to make better decisions in motivated unconsciously by what's already there. But don't there's kind of friendliness the year build enough. Which is makes the whole thing easier but the real paradox go on his equanimity. Which is instead a white not putting it through your experience here actually opening to the experience and that's what allows it to. Special allows you reset so a year in a situation we really stressed and you worry we'll bring that the next caller bring in our home. If you if you understand how acronym he works you're able to sit without experience in a way that lets it reset T come back into the present. And it's keep his people think I don't know the way have to deal with my stress line discomfort as to what stuff it down or is to be stronger. But actually the more rigid you are with it the more it actually just ends up still in the in your system. But if you can actually do this courageous thing of opening to it than it allows it to come through you can reset and come back into the experience hopefully. So that's about to ideas that when I try to show you're actually feels like in his sitting practicing for acts him and it's difficult. And by the way it's a group who is being here and handed yet has yet that I lovers thousand. All right so. Sitting in a chair is just perfect you can other ideas he want to have your back straight. And you can imagine you're inhaling your kind of lit up the spine a little bit helps keep you alert it's not about being totally relax but being alert and ready as well as relaxed the same time. So you can on the eyes closed economic half mast to sort looking in from the U.

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{"duration":"11:53","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren are in Tempe, Arizona, discussing the benefits of meditation in policing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"45149940","title":"10% Happier Road Trip: Tempe Police on Using Meditation","url":"/Health/video/10-happier-road-trip-tempe-police-meditation-45149940"}