1.8M Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled

Ground beef products sold for restaurant use may be contaminated with the bacteria E. coli.
2:04 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for 1.8M Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled
America's number one. Good morning everyone. Game with a major consumer alert about rounding. May be contaminated with people -- -- recalled meat was sold only restaurants but it's an important reminder about the dangers of under. -- if he's not bad for him to be. This beef recall comes only days before millions -- burgers on the grill for Memorial Day. At one point eight million pounds of ground beef suspected of E. Coli contamination. All come from here Wolverine packing. Detroit at least eleven people across four states have been sickened -- the strain of E. Coli that worries health experts the most. This is a particular strain that just by its nature can -- -- into the bloodstream. Thank -- -- other organs to be affected specifically the kidneys the immune system. Each year 95000. People get sickened by the strain with hamburgers. The largest number of cases. Americans often their burgers medium rare rare not cooked sufficiently. Kill E. Coli. Most serious cases are -- young children. Most people get relatively sick from -- -- -- diarrhea abdominal cramps -- pretty unhealthy fever. Some even have some blood in the stool the tainted beef is believed to have been shipped across the country the USDA says the recalled products were sent to distributors in. And Michigan Missouri Massachusetts and Ohio health officials in those states are checking restaurants to make sure customers are not -- the contaminated -- We go to the restaurants we. You know we look for everything we think it's everywhere was to me wasn't properly refrigerated players -- good hand washing techniques. So far no deaths have been reported but -- can take up to ten days after eating something contaminated to become sick. And -- and Diana for now doctors say the best advice is ordering the burger well done. All right too -- I -- medium words mom Bradley reporting live thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Ground beef products sold for restaurant use may be contaminated with the bacteria E. coli.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"23789678","title":"1.8M Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled","url":"/Health/video/18m-pounds-ground-beef-recalled-23789678"}