1st US-donated vaccine doses expected to arrive in South Korea soon

President Joe Biden is calling for a “month of action” to boost vaccination rates at home while shipping millions of doses abroad.
5:04 | 06/03/21

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Transcript for 1st US-donated vaccine doses expected to arrive in South Korea soon
Karen Travers joins us live. For more on this now. So Karen eighty million doses that'll that'll help where the rest this does is going on suicide his South Korea and how big of an impact do you think this can have around the world. It's going have an impact Terry but of course the administration and leaders around the world health officials are saying. It's just the beginning and more of course needs to be done but let's just break down some of the number eighty million doses. Is what the Biden administration has committed so far to sending over C is. They announced today that 75%. Of those doses will go to co backs. That's global initiative to try and get vaccines distributed all around the world. Countries can't. By Ian on that they're getting loans to do that they can get them through donations but this is currently the catch all police who will then start distributing it and the White House says this is the best way to do the bulk of these doses because ensure that it's done equitably. The other remaining 25%. Will go to partner countries. Countries at the United States has relationships with neighbors Mexico and Canada. And K Terry countries that have reached out directly to the United States asking for these doses so. As you say you South Korea they'll get their first batch 29 they think a million of them will be getting there. And there's also going to be a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean south and southeast Asia and Africa. And it helps us all every shot and every arm around the world keeps us all a little safer so a president Biden here at home. On the vaccine rollout he's calling for a month of action to reach his goal of 70%. Of the US adult population. Having at least one shot by the fourth of July how's that going and what kind of initiatives do they have did try and make it happen. They still have to make up a lot of ground you know about 63%. Of Americans have already hit that number of a one shot in the arm at least one shot if you're getting Pfizer and the Dern that. And the president wants to see this done and 70% by July 4 Independence Day holiday where the nation can declare itself somewhat independent of the virus. And to do that they're taking a very multi strong approach on this you're gonna see the vice president come on Harris leading. A tour where she's gonna go to communities to try and drum up interest and awareness about the vaccines senior officials cabinet secretaries will be doing the same thing. But the two things Terry they've had two pronged approach here is one incentivizes get people who've. They wanted to do Ed but they just needed that extra little push. Free beer free doughnut said chance to win scholarships or actual cold hard cash there a lot of different things of the administration is turning to private businesses to do. Baseball teams doing it at stadiums and and you get some free tickets the other part of it though. Isn't it people who want to get a shot they don't need to be lured in with a donut or beer but it's not convenient for them or they feel it's not convenient and I think one really interesting things we heard from the president youngsters say yesterday Terry as. They're partnering with some of the largest child care companies in the United States showed people. He did drop off their kids get some child cared to go get a shot. Order child care if they're not feeling well after the shot they will be able to do that and that's they think it's gonna make a big difference for some Americans. We'll have that will make a big difference for sure those. Lotteries that they are running after me the best odds of any lottery every lead to win a million dollars you didn't use 200 million people are under many tickets are sold lot fewer here. So let's turn for a moment. Do the White House calling on businesses to state take steps to strengthen their security in the wake of these. We should cyber attacks housing administration responding to this wave the tax as the president prepares to meet with Vladimir Putin. Yet at message today from the cyber security expert in the administration telling businesses. They need to start making sure they're doing what they need to do to protect their companies to protect their customers would limit a nudge reminder of the things that they. Kennedy doing and already should be doing. Andy also the other part of this of course is that summit with Vladimir couldn't which is coming up now in less than two weeks. Lot of questions about whether this is rewarding prudent while these ransom where attacks and cyber attacks keep happening. The winehouse has made it very clear Terry I ask this question our colleagues have asked this question. They say they don't see this is or award but that this is a chance for the president to really push Vladimir Putin's. On this issue of cyber security that that's what he's going to do it will be a big topic of their conversations. In Geneva in two weeks now the other thing though is what are they going to do in response right now and they on the retaliation. Terry. The White House is not giving any details just yet but certainly indicating that. All options right now our on the table our colleague Mary Bruce asked yesterday about retaliation and what president Biden might do. And the president said that he's looking at this issue closely Mary also asked if he thought that President Putin making testing him with these ransom where attacks. And Biden seem to stop laugh a little bit and then said no. You know Britain's been testing every president an entire century so far Karen Travers in Washington. Thanks as always thanks Gary.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"President Joe Biden is calling for a “month of action” to boost vaccination rates at home while shipping millions of doses abroad.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78072172","title":"1st US-donated vaccine doses expected to arrive in South Korea soon","url":"/Health/video/1st-us-donated-vaccine-doses-expected-arrive-south-78072172"}