26 Day Challenge: Living on Limited Resources

Feel what it's like to live in the slums of Kibera, Kenya.
2:41 | 12/29/11

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Transcript for 26 Day Challenge: Living on Limited Resources
PG Sugarman from Los Angeles is taking the challenge today one -- and water which today. It was ten year old Henry fox from Wilmington, North Carolina. -- -- For 26 days they will give up the comforts of home. And neglect the 700000 people who survive in just a dollar 25 a de -- Kenya one of the largest slums of the world. Which sort of surprised the idea came from a former US marine -- Barca. 26 dollar loan. In 2001 -- -- was opposed -- traveling and yet committed nurse named tablet that -- who asked him for a loan just 26 dollars distort a clinic. -- -- I made a habit of not giving them money she had conviction in ways. And -- dinner davis' -- itself. I mean in our world of funny there's no reason why a child -- should die of pneumonia. There's no reason why a child should not having safe drinking water. After college but -- joined the Marines have been up for war. Never forgot that nurse and those people she was trying to help in Kenya when -- later would Barco visited -- haven't -- recognized him on the street. And let him down an Alley to see what she had created. With that twenty dollar loan. Have found me in and took me to her and that's which he converted into a small medical clinic. And that really was her dream -- died a few years later but her dream did not. When we caught up with captain bar -- on the battlefield in 2006 he was raising money for talent this clinic. Fighting al-Qaeda -- Me personally. It's it's it's enormously gratifying -- I'm engaged in two forms of public service. Today -- clinic tablet to founded serves 40000 patients a year. Have a -- news other residents to -- -- that it's possible you can be you can have all the odds in the world stacked against you. You can be a -- And with three kids and huge one of the world's gorgeous blondes he -- -- still make an incredible impact. Two in her honor -- -- launched a 2060 challenge asking those of us in the richest country in the world to live for 26 days. The people in one of the poorest countries in the world one day for each of those dollars -- -- loans have them. -- a remarkably strong community here. In -- resilience. And that's what we're trying to show with the 26 -- challenge are some of the realities to how challenging life can be but also some of the strengths within. Places like you there.

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{"id":15255347,"title":"26 Day Challenge: Living on Limited Resources","duration":"2:41","description":"Feel what it's like to live in the slums of Kibera, Kenya.","url":"/Health/video/26-day-challenge-living-limited-resources-feel-like-slums-kibera-kenya-world-health-15255347","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}