500K COVID deaths reported in US

Efforts are underway to get a vaccine rollout back on track after winter storms delayed shipments.
2:06 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for 500K COVID deaths reported in US
Nearly half a million people have died from the virus now that's more than the amount of US soldiers who died. During World War I World War II the Korean and Vietnam wars combined. Mary Alice parks is covering it all for us from Washington today Mary Alice the pace of vaccinations. Really continues to increase but how much did the winner whether. Slow things down. Yeah actor we know that the vaccine role I was impacted in all fifty states. The White House saying that about three days worth of shipments about six million. Vaccine doses were held up because of the weather cash they're pretty comedy about two million of those doses now out. FedEx and UPS and work through the weekend to try to make up for lost punch they're hoping that they can get caught up and back on track. By and this weekend but look we're talking about tens of thousands of appointments that were canceled. Some of those mega vaccine sides from Disneyland to the sports arena has out here on the East Coast. Had to temporarily close and so they're trying to reschedule ever runs appointments and get back on track. United take my dad and daughter in for an appointment and I just saw the lines around the hospital here locally. Close to us. Looping at least twice it's pretty remarkable just the weights and the patience for that vaccine. Meanwhile house Democrats expected to pass president Biden's pandemic really planned by the end of the week right so what happens. Next and could the final bill passed. Democrats in the house are making sure they're gonna give Democrats in the senate the option to pass it without any Republican support. They're working on a budget bill and that paves the way. For the senate to potentially pass a bill. With just Democrats in just a simple. Majority if they choose to go that Rauch house Budget Committee finishing up its mark upn at its committee work today. They're expecting that it's gonna go to a house floor vote. Probably by Friday or Saturday so that means we can see this bill this budget bill in the senate by next week. I think we were into the weekend again Mary Alice parks thanks so much thanks thanks.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Efforts are underway to get a vaccine rollout back on track after winter storms delayed shipments. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76052795","title":"500K COVID deaths reported in US","url":"/Health/video/500k-covid-deaths-reported-us-76052795"}