Acne Sufferer's Amazing Transformation

Cassandra Bankson's daily makeup makeover expertly hides extensive blemishes.
10:56 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Acne Sufferer's Amazing Transformation
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Is probably the most nerve -- -- -- possibly this might be here. With me he. It's not that is that this is a lot that needs to be. I mean its own government's chances. It's just it's African there and -- -- stumbling back. Even got me years I mean it's been like this and -- a lot better. But it's -- and peace and security. I'm also remember often because -- always speculated Stonington myself I need to an expert. The first thing that I do it because -- happy Easter to you mean at least can't. I'm actually innocent suspects smashed box pan. -- -- And let us it basically stops you from getting -- and I -- people elect around my notes. Around a little amenities -- only -- about pat -- And get us that is apparently. Even -- it would be sacked and very -- basically maintenance costs. Yeah this. Committees and -- aren't there is something that he's it really depends on liberty it's kind of stopped and I'm just checking to make on its students -- They spent the past. Take a primary not keep a definite multitude of panic and game. Yes that's right to bare -- smacks me forever. As such and ultimately Kenya's best for me. Personally my favorites has been there for a while has been you know -- -- our costs. It's got a -- protection and I put. Youth and it's just like running curls and it's -- Because it's like belt -- packages love my -- all of it. And I always carry everything. In the -- Dominic. -- -- Well. Grace foundation and I'm pretty routine changes. Probably every month even up every week. Its ninth but recently started off this month. While it's December now I started off November using Hezbollah terror repeatedly -- It can be happy. That recently have been using merit that recently he's a couple different things and today. That job the HD -- but I think it's -- -- -- -- I'm Nancy and fees for the rest and I an amount will be different. I don't statement -- -- I'm lends money. On the 134 little -- crops like this. 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So it really just asked that -- must -- -- -- usually lets look at had been something to kind of protect my hair. But it's we shouldn't be in the mornings I completely forgot to do not. I'm also well but she keep the -- he knows that you -- public. Patrick and his economic outlet to get older -- lists without it can shape -- -- -- cannot basically. When you shake your -- each execution and wherever -- -- nation -- looks like you -- And wherever else just look ridiculous I don't -- it's right now but it works really. -- of any use Macs aren't studio and it's concealer in -- -- Max deal and instituting anti thirty. Sorry guys my camera battery died. Basically what I did I use my Mac concealer. I dotted economic problem is not as much in my neck back to concede the conference -- to be. And I just the most by an incredible and -- An indirect but he's been aware impressed even knew where thing get works a lot better -- -- -- -- usually like using my hands with -- -- -- -- -- -- press. I'm the next -- to deal it's take 28 -- the pirates -- foundation. What in particular what -- really. Unless the youngest -- nothing is what exists and it's not with a 134 -- He hands I actually gonna go to different colors the first. Time it's -- and C five C. And -- -- dimmed and apparently convinced testicular mansion so I don't know perhaps. I'm just gonna passes molecular means I'm just gonna -- that's and it until the backs that can policies -- Adam's gonna pop this on kind of and enter triangle but it's not talked about the some -- inclined to think so because haven't -- happily go watch that's what I -- after tests. But yeah these people -- this -- Part of your face in needed to be lightest and should be the very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The next thing amusing as this mass popular -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I just after its landing using a lot -- because I wanna. Parent wants but they ran out of it lets you spotlight now it's time. The -- it kind of comes up like -- -- kind of fishy to aunt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Santa take a little -- on the top brass and I'm just gonna put this all of the -- -- -- -- This would be kept -- -- cheeks its content. Kind of a little bit on our temples and then all of pregnant incensed. -- 51 of -- eight powder is it is beam me up forever well. Each -- -- in his honor. In your pocket the something different fronts I'm amusements went for the sake of ceding perhaps is because back to detonate. And -- me I'm people's but I can see this is the finest Connor. In the entire. It is. It is his wispy in every way. You -- that. Com and look this is the setting powder. And I'm going to use this just kind of sad development foundation and -- -- because the politics from Mac and smashed box. Our little bit thicker so this one is so ultra -- that this look into all little spaces that the other one minutes. And it smells really -- And -- just smells like clean laundry. Ensures that our entire beast is -- Mac X class -- and I absolutely love the spray it is a dream come true. And -- a whole list of where it hurts -- -- -- -- Minute Clinton had spread. And and electricity can also mix this with I'm not a little bit of foundation -- -- to -- -- -- hands -- -- -- Next with your breasts and they don't foundation brushed a CX how to do not and -- trip. And what outlook is even helping its that he can later on more -- Come but honestly I -- you I'm gonna let that dry it. -- well I have somewhat clear markings and the venue -- go to our country and Hannity go watch that -- seen already. And an all too cute and take off the foundation -- -- the path -- and it's. Not an accident she -- do you. -- -- -- -- But. -- states -- click subscribe it's completely free that we are asking now what can -- -- -- In the hands hoping to us into this response to you -- -- everything nice -- have bottomed out not to exceed.

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{"duration":"10:56","description":"Cassandra Bankson's daily makeup makeover expertly hides extensive blemishes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15092776","title":"Acne Sufferer's Amazing Transformation","url":"/Health/video/acne-sufferers-amazing-transformation-15092776"}