Aimee Copeland on 'Katie': 'Love Life'

Flesh-eating disease survivor tells Katie Couric that she doesn't like being called "disabled."
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Aimee Copeland on 'Katie': 'Love Life'
That was a beautiful like -- seeing you know Glenn -- interagency. I didn't feel I've they are out of you by the way witnesses so moving and I think for everybody here to see what a massive accomplishment this this. Tell me how did -- -- when you're locking out. So good I mean after being fitting are lying down for so long as being urban cool him down you take for granted how wonderful it is -- -- what people on the I was there any point where he said. I can't do this -- driving time. -- -- -- -- Now I don't that was never really an option to -- because I mean I'm. I love life you know it's a beautiful thing -- had to add something that I don't take for granted anymore never take -- arraignment. How beautiful it is seen as being a -- I -- and -- and I mean. Animal -- you know it's just it's so exhilarating and even more -- -- it's -- the fences are so deep and you know smell everything smells -- everything is more vibrant more colorful even more beautiful than ever before. When I first met -- in Atlanta out this summer I have to say I was nervous. You know I didn't know how. I would deal with let it happen to you. And could make me uncomfortable. And but it became. I was made aware immediately. That what you don't have is -- eclipsed by what you do have. And it was such a remarkable opportunity and such. An incredible experience for me to get to know you and to talk to you and to see -- extraordinary optimism I mean you're just an amazing girl. And have no idea that's like so people aren't enough I don't like to be conflict disabled rarely handicap. Because I'm like you know there's a lot but I don't have that other people have a there's a lot do you have that other people don't have and so I think we all instead -- saying I'm disabled I just say I have different abilities. That's such a great and the --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Flesh-eating disease survivor tells Katie Couric that she doesn't like being called \"disabled.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"17211808","title":"Aimee Copeland on 'Katie': 'Love Life'","url":"/Health/video/aimee-copeland-katie-i-love-life-17211808"}