Alabama Mystery Illness Solved: Confirmed as Cold, Flu

State health officials found no evidence of new viruses or bacteria in the cluster of cases.
3:15 | 05/24/13

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Transcript for Alabama Mystery Illness Solved: Confirmed as Cold, Flu
Good afternoon thank you for joining me I wanted to take this opportunity to. Bring closure to -- ongoing cluster reports sartorial -- Down in south. East Alabama. I'm pleased to report that after. Our investigation after getting results from some samples we sent to CDC. That there is no -- Any new or unexpected are circulating. There is no new or unexpected bacteria circular. Our original concerns were about the possibility of what's -- novel corona virus. But the good news is the test on all seven patients -- we have results back on or negative. And the reason of course it that people have concern about -- of -- is for many of you'll remember. -- of -- was caused today agents or it's back several years ago there's a new strive for all of our circulating. In the Middle East. And you want to be just extraordinarily cautious. Today you're not missing something and that you don't have an early introduction of a -- some of the population that is not the case. Looking at those seven patients we've -- -- five now. Three -- or three groups of agents that are causing the disease. Now everyone knows that influence in Alabama historically -- usually in our January. February time for -- But we also know from our experience of the pandemic in 2000 -- 2009. That influenza virus can be present in Alabama throughout the year and in fact in the summer. There is a small low levels circulating of -- -- So it's not surprising that in the seven patients that we have results on four -- -- -- three of them had influenza a circular. There was nothing particularly unusual about this -- -- an influenza. A H three which -- usual seasonal influenza there was and influenza a H one which was that the original -- -- -- drying. Then there was one that was on talked it was just an influence -- -- to there was no evidence. Or flu there was no evidence of anything unusual in those in -- of ours. Next we found -- -- -- of those seven patients for all of them also had -- Iraq. A ride a varsity to varsity causes the common -- And that's generally how we always see it but in fact it turned out -- a virus can cause pneumonia. He can even in a small number of people calls death will point out that all of the the four people who had rhino virus identified. Only one of those four patients had to be in two died and that patient hand and another. Bacterial infection that that could well have been responsible. For their more severe respiratory ailments. And then lastly we found. Three cases where patients were also infected with bacteria. Everything from clubs CL and ammonia two. Regular -- the caucus normal. Bacteria. That cause pneumonia so there wasn't anything the unusual there -- -- things --

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{"id":19250408,"title":"Alabama Mystery Illness Solved: Confirmed as Cold, Flu","duration":"3:15","description":"State health officials found no evidence of new viruses or bacteria in the cluster of cases.","url":"/Health/video/alabama-mystery-illness-solved-confirmed-cold-flu-19250408","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}