Alcohol in Pregnancy

Dr. Jacques Moritz on the study that concluded no alcohol is safe in pregnancy.
3:06 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Alcohol in Pregnancy
We know that drinking alcohol while pregnant may increase chances of certain birth defects but is there a time when a fetus is most vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. Joining us to discuss -- ABC news medical contributor after truck -- Documents to see you have this new study that really looks at weeks six through twelve and what the effect alcohol has. -- -- this this was a very detailed study asking women they didn't know they were being asked about drinking but. They said it was an environmental study and they asked about everything like almost every day what they were doing. And what they found -- that the women that drank. During about seven to twelve weeks had the biggest increase the chance for fetal effects and baby smaller size babies they noticed. And smaller head circumference is and smaller -- been. So then they're taking a -- that those are really the crucial weeks right. That you should be definitely avoiding alcohol right but not expanding that to say actually continue way they do gaining from -- your entire pregnant -- Things at this -- that they say definitely this is this critical times that we now know this so I can advise patients -- do not drink during this time. -- they know that part drink these all increase so every single drink you have during this time adds to these facts and what they did the study. When they had blinded people look at the babies and look for the effects of alcohol. And really look for him because the -- -- act -- the city. But they were looking for really -- -- little facts. And that's what fetal alcohol sentence of fetal alcohol syndrome is a whole bunch of different things IQ deficits small hands small little eyes thin lips. Flat -- here right. I haven't seen one. I know they exist and there aren't as severe cases that everybody can -- gotten that is a whole different thing called fetal alcohol spectrum -- and had this these are the real subtle ones. And this is what they're talking about here. You know little problems in math two plus two equals four. But I don't really know that needs and nobody was for but I don't know what -- how -- -- to alcohol though because there must be lots kids who just have problems and right well -- You know the Ukraine has a huge problem alcohol they've been able to to identify these problems but there's the fetal alcohol -- disorder. That's probably what we're talking about -- they're really really saddened but they're there they're hyper and champion we've all known that. Drinking alcohol goes through the placenta it goes my baby. And you -- -- killing brains obsolete there's no surprise that IQ. Could be affected and it stays in the baby a lot longer in the -- has -- barest moment and think about it and he -- those. Into the mother threw her liver and into the baby but the baby has a very small and -- can't -- -- -- want to point out the lot of women are going to be upset to hear this news because -- six or seven through twelve threatening women are not even aware grants I think that's the take home message on this thing yeah I think -- -- -- my patients. As soon as you miss -- -- do pregnancy test is of the four weeks right and then stop. Everything from. There excellent advice accurate I wish I had yeah that's right. Thinking that --

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Dr. Jacques Moritz on the study that concluded no alcohol is safe in pregnancy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15448743","title":"Alcohol in Pregnancy","url":"/Health/video/alcohol-pregnancy-15448743"}