Alexandra Drane Wants Us to 'Engage With Grace'

Alexandra Drane: talking about end-of-life wishes can be simple and enjoyable.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Transcript for Alexandra Drane Wants Us to 'Engage With Grace'
How about engage with grace what is the latest what is engaged if engagement grace is movement really that we started about four years ago. That has only one goal in mind which is to get people to start having a conversation about and -- And -- -- dying to make it easy to do that because often people get. Falsely incriminated at the thought of having a conversation about what we've found is if you have an excuse a story. A way to begin the process. Most people find it's actually surprisingly easy and sometimes even enjoyable. Alexander you look too young frankly to be caring about life issues buying your young age does -- -- -- let me say this story. My sister line died at 32. And she was an incredible infectious full of life amazing woman and on the night that I was to marry her brother. She was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and she -- seven months later. And -- -- then this whole movement matters to me so much personally. Is I don't think we did a great job caring for her over that period of time she was in the hospital for far too long. And we didn't feel confident that we weren't necessarily. Doing the things that she would want us to do it. We're trying to create a national movement here he actually get people started talking about this conversation about. Life and -- and -- about that. But but it's hard so when it -- -- perfect -- Engage with grace -- five questions that you can ask each other -- simple questions to get this conversation going and the very first question. If you -- -- spectrum where one side it's funny guy with no medical intervention and the other side is. Everything proven unproven I want you to do everything you can where are you. Second is if you had a choice would you rather die at home or in hospital. The third is could I loved ones accurately describe. How you'd want to be treated in and in an end of life term illness situation. Before and I think -- -- -- critical one is have you chosen someone to advocate for you when the time this year. And the fit is have you completed any of the following a living will and advance directive or health care her return you. You think -- stories and you think it excuses to started and I would. That talking about sex won't make you pregnant and talking about that won't killing. These are conversations that once they get started -- can be wonderful experiences for the entire family and most importantly we have to remember. You only -- -- actually want. The only way you can make sure that happens to know what you want to know your family ones and to commit advocating for each other. That's an incredibly important gift for yourself and painfully.

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{"id":17014170,"title":"Alexandra Drane Wants Us to 'Engage With Grace'","duration":"3:00","description":"Alexandra Drane: talking about end-of-life wishes can be simple and enjoyable.","url":"/Health/video/alexandra-drane-us-engage-grace-17014170","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}