Amity Buxton on Founding the Straight Spouse Network

After 25 years of marriage, Buxton's husband came out of the closet.
3:00 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Amity Buxton on Founding the Straight Spouse Network
It. Hello I'm Nikki Pierce Buxton founder of the straight -- network. And -- the other side of the closet. The coming up prices for -- -- -- -- 1986. After my husband and the Vatican says there. Being gay is okay system. Ice -- you know. My kitchen didn't he had lived with one he doesn't know what it's like that at a gay person trying to -- -- -- supposed to be. I finally decided that I wasn't going to get the Vatican the power to take away my faith and I stay Catholic. -- -- church. -- acceptance. My first -- we met in San Francisco. And we were married in 1958. Little by little gradually over the years he became more and more depressed and finally we separated. Shortly after that was visiting him in the hospital. He was under medication and -- -- something to tell you. I said without thinking I think I know what it is because -- noticed toward the end Manning's doing he's activities. He changed when he war -- Speedo bathing suits. I thought maybe he's labeled homosexual and doesn't know it. So it is that I think I'm get a well. -- yeah. They said well I've been days since before marriage battle over and killed the lover to -- I was furious -- what other -- -- you told me. But he was supposed to do. As a result according to society and his church. And gradually that made him happy and themselves and become depressed and it in the end -- -- friends. -- -- title by himself partner. And I I don't want that happened anywhere else again. Margaret what happened to me Everett. Either -- case you're a person a person. And to. Break through all those things you and I ended up and -- -- both spouses have worked with and up with a larger perspective. People and relationships and so there -- some couples for instance -- stay married. They work it out because their relationship. Summers all of it. Some are monogamous. And sexual. Some of the relationship. Some it's okay for the carrier -- And his or her partner on the side of -- as a secondary relationship. So in other words break this whole business of breaking down. Breaking an either or labeling way of looking at things makes it possible to work out. Much more satisfying relationships. If gays and lesbians were allowed to marry. Some of the same sex in the first place. -- of love and truth. And commitment. Then there'd be fewer divorces which as we went through. Stronger marriages. More lasting families. A more stable communities.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"After 25 years of marriage, Buxton's husband came out of the closet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15122326","title":"Amity Buxton on Founding the Straight Spouse Network","url":"/Health/video/amity-buxton-founding-straight-spouse-network-give-support-15122326"}