Arizona Infant's Cancer Case Baffles Doctors

Addison Cox will soon celebrate her second birthday, defying life expectancy predictions.
1:10 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for Arizona Infant's Cancer Case Baffles Doctors
It's a lot for anybody to go through especially a little -- rounds of chemo doses of radiation and two separate brain surgeries within just four days. -- -- -- He -- from problems like you know pornography from him moving around that baby Addison is hitting all of her growth marks and developing can start an FA a few words she understands questions when -- gas pump. When do you act. Still recovering from surgery it's been a challenging year for Addison who set to celebrate a birthday in a matter of weeks big party for -- want to bid to end it is been making -- course. Which in fact it's miraculous -- -- Basically doubled our life expectancy -- -- You know when she was originally diagnosed they fed. 1218 months and so every day every minute every single moment. Suddenly becomes an unbelievable. Blessing and give -- a lot to look forward to in the -- that she's still doing this well. If -- -- -- -- -- gallon it's hope given to a father by the love and support and doctors at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

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{"id":18924156,"title":"Arizona Infant's Cancer Case Baffles Doctors","duration":"1:10","description":"Addison Cox will soon celebrate her second birthday, defying life expectancy predictions.","url":"/Health/video/arizona-infants-cancer-case-baffles-doctors-18924156","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}