Armless, Legless Man to Climb Kilimanjaro

Quadruple amputee Kyle Maynard, 25, trains to reach the highest peak in Africa.
2:05 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Armless, Legless Man to Climb Kilimanjaro
My name is Kyle Maynard extended to remind people. Lions. Speaking Africa now the measure. It's going to be purchasing anything. Yeah. -- -- News and warned -- just so. And -- tying -- Tanzania we're going to be supplying 25000 dollars and medical supplies. Two communities and -- and hopefully providing. And justice opportunity and hope her for kids with disabilities. And something that's really. The postponement -- normal teen fitness Ricci and when lawyers and our heroes some. If there is when one person. Who sees this project this peaceful or opportunities and you know sit in -- But it's been changed by this and anyway. You all challenges all. I'm community hospital and -- think it makes it worth it. Everybody had -- And now they're really has people it wouldn't stand on we just had -- find our purpose. Make that. Become a reality. If you're watching this thing you'd like to learn. More about our journey. And a -- up Kilimanjaro in please join us -- mission Kilimanjaro dot com. And help us make history reality.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Quadruple amputee Kyle Maynard, 25, trains to reach the highest peak in Africa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14737507","title":"Armless, Legless Man to Climb Kilimanjaro","url":"/Health/video/armless-legless-man-climb-kilimanjaro-14737507"}