New Auto-Injector Is Like an EpiPen for Seizures

Dr. Jason McMullan says auto-injector is fast and effective at stopping seizures
1:30 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for New Auto-Injector Is Like an EpiPen for Seizures
Up to two out of every five people who -- be serious and prolonged seizures could die because of the seizures. Because of this treating them as fast as possible as important. At home some parents have -- repositories with the Madison -- to try to to stop the seizure. But that can be difficult to do an adult for any public said. In the hospital we frequently relied on IVs so having to to put -- needle into -- blood vessel and give them medicine directly into the bloodstream. But that takes time. So giving a shot -- a very attractive. Possibility for fast and effective treatment many people are familiar with epi pen. Which gives people with severe allergies or their loved ones the chance to treat themselves or treat their loved one when they're facing a life threatening allergic reaction. Now this. This auto projector is very similar in fact it looks almost just like an epi pen -- -- easy to give. Take -- out of a sleeve -- poor safety cap and you and give the medicine. And that's all there -- to it. This was studied in the hands of paramedics who were very skilled at using auto inject Ers and -- -- skilled at giving shots. But it's very simple and easy to use and probably something that could be adopted into the home -- to the school. After the FDA looks at all of its safety profiles to see if -- is good in a non medical person's hands.

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{"id":15649011,"title":"New Auto-Injector Is Like an EpiPen for Seizures","duration":"1:30","description":"Dr. Jason McMullan says auto-injector is fast and effective at stopping seizures","url":"/Health/video/auto-injector-epipen-seizures-15649011","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}