Baby Born With Organs Outside Body

Hayes Davis had rare surgery to put organs back inside his abdominal cavity.
2:12 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Baby Born With Organs Outside Body
-- because I think he was -- as -- on how well. Al -- feel -- abdominal wall the facts where basically. Whenever he was developing and you are out his abdominal -- and -- completely and some as external organs form outside his body. I first met her -- altar screen at twelve weeks. And of course like any other matter island and thinking that -- -- was going to be perfect and everything was going to be fine. And I was having -- find out the gender not -- and so that was my big excitement of the day the following week and are expecting weeks pregnant -- masterpiece that. It's an ultrasound and then she diagnosed as non policy -- time doctors -- was wonderful and explaining all of the different options and kind of -- -- and preparing us for each of -- but the immediate -- surgery they've led. -- just put everything back together and kind of -- Hispanic the second option would be. -- a place where it Dmitri Young Alice -- -- different types of topical medications. And basically they would be -- every day an interesting and god. And they would gradually -- -- Alice deal would gradually get back inside this body. And that's getting would grow up and form perhaps it's a very slight and very gradual map that at a I had an advocate Alan because it's more national -- -- for for the baby. And that -- going back and placing everything and -- displace other organs. It -- just -- very naturally. People badminton.

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{"id":15329517,"title":"Baby Born With Organs Outside Body","duration":"2:12","description":"Hayes Davis had rare surgery to put organs back inside his abdominal cavity.","url":"/Health/video/baby-born-with-organs-outside-body-15329517","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}