The Baby Bust is Over!

Dr Jacques Moritz discusses new report on rising fertility rates.
2:58 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for The Baby Bust is Over!
According to a new report from demographic intelligence fertility is on the rise again in the US and the baby bust is over. Joining us now to break down the number that they ABC medical contributor doctor doctorate doctor it's great to see you -- Tells Levine about this report. But we get a report showing that the they -- numbers we're going way down new data just out showing that it's making its resurgence again and why do we know well. You know we know why it went down that was because of what -- the grand recession so people were saying okay hold on we can't. Cathy -- happening again for a second year third they do we don't want to get pregnant. And now they're saying we can't wait any longer we kind of waited we save money. Now start having kids is an increase in the number of women in their prime childbearing years there is also demographically. We're coming into that phase and there's a little bump in the population in the thirty year old range so. -- having kids so that's gonna go up but mostly the economy's going to be key -- -- and -- -- and I discussed earlier also mothers are our. Are getting older right with the mothers that are getting -- can't wait right if your in your forties. Economically you can't wait for this recession to be officially over whenever you have to -- that you just can't wait can't so. We have. Of the population of those people -- accidents so we're on track to see what four million babies probably -- -- million maybe a little bit more than four million so we went down 7% in the last of 2007. 22. Ten that's about 300000 -- So would probably didn't start slowly getting back up to four point three. Million and basically average here -- -- of the ears consistent it's not really a baby boom it's more of -- back -- normally have a definition for a boom. We just know that it went down 7%. And seems to be coming back -- right -- how to come to some -- But there was sort of so called boom right after nine 9/11 we -- Some more births because if we're getting close together have family values. -- -- Party without having him. Right and -- we are seeing the average ages ago what what does the average age right now that we know of its Apogee used to be around 25 take them home now that's moving up to about twenty -- doesn't sound like a lot. But that that is -- And shift oh that's a significant step -- and of course an urban areas it's the average since -- well here in New York we have a lot of older moms -- Does not mean that. Fewer women are having problems with fertility -- now this has not to do with that -- and this report really came -- -- this came out. To help people that make children's toys diapers and stuff like that kind of predict. What what's going to be he did not market researcher if it wasn't marketing research. It really really pointing -- -- obviously he has will be. You know who asked to run a department how many resources we have hired partners as you wanna be one step ahead of its the plan you have to plan -- -- about where I think -- that -- could be.

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{"id":15354548,"title":"The Baby Bust is Over!","duration":"2:58","description":"Dr Jacques Moritz discusses new report on rising fertility rates.","url":"/Health/video/baby-bust-15354548","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}