Baby With Outside Heart Saved by Surgeons

Doctors in Houston reconstructed Audrina's chest to make room for her heart.
2:05 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for Baby With Outside Heart Saved by Surgeons
Mother in Texas has every right to me extremely extremely. Thankful these days simply because her newborn daughter. Is still a -- she was born with a very -- usual condition and it's now better prepared through the miracle of surgery. Christy Myers up our Houston station reports and we should warn you -- Some viewers may find -- video in the story a little tough to -- -- Ashley Cardenas sees her newborn daughter for the first time after extraordinary surgery to put her baby's heart. Back inside her chest little injuring at least one with a third of her -- lying on her stomach beating -- -- her body. It was a stunning thing to see even for the heart surgeons there to repairing its like the heart was kind of pinched in the middle. This condition was picked up on an ultrasound and it's usually fatal but Ashley made the difficult decision to continue her pregnancy and pray for the babies healing. I have to come when. Believe -- -- him believe in fate that you know. There's everything she is here. In a six hour surgery Texas children's heart surgeon and plastic surgeons. Reconstructed the baby's chest to make space for the hard inside and gently stretched her skin to cover the hole from. The -- probably will have to have other operations in the future. Her stern on this about half formed. But these are things we can deal -- Now five weeks sold a -- is doing well she still has a small hole inside her heart. But doctors say it may heal on its -- They have no mind to and -- thinks I am. If it wasn't within. The well -- -- Grayson -- chip wouldn't be here. Hold a prayer for having encouraged take continue with the pregnancy but right now the doctor said that she's gonna need more surgeries in the future one of those is building a stern on. Right now it's did there's nothing to protect the heart so they can do that down the road. It's amazing procedure one that didn't want her faith isn't precedent to what that what the doctors -- able to do so far really is mother's love nothing quite like that now shares snow and.

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{"id":17777220,"title":"Baby With Outside Heart Saved by Surgeons","duration":"2:05","description":"Doctors in Houston reconstructed Audrina's chest to make room for her heart.","url":"/Health/video/baby-heart-saved-surgeons-17777220","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}