Barefoot Running

Michael Sandler teaches people how to run without shoes.
5:57 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Barefoot Running
Have you may have heard of the fitness trend barefoot running where runners -- the speakers in the closet and hit the trail barefoot. Our next guest is Michael Sandler and he's not only -- barefoot runner but an inspiration as well. A near death accident in 2006 shattered his femur head and arm. Leaving him worried that he may never even walk again but now he's not only walking he's running -- He's also the author of barefoot running how to run light and read by getting in touch with the earth and he travels the world teaching people how to run without -- With him is doctor mark Silberman founder and director of New Jersey sports medicine and performance center thanks to both of you for being here today. Michael first how a little bit about your accident and how you got into barefoot running from there when I. I never used to go barefoot anywhere I wouldn't even get out of bed there but the guy we're in the hard plastic customer spotted three missiles -- -- motion control -- that was just to go across the living room floor that. In 2006. I was training -- was sponsored by road they to do world record attempt 4000 miles -- across the country. Went out on a skating session a father teaching his baby how to walk. Stepped out onto a bike path right Vernon. He I had a choice in that moment to make -- hit the baby -- hit the -- and nobody hits a baby the so I thought on purpose he exactly so I threw myself. Up and backwards to try to stop myself go through the air going -- wonderful still be -- -- -- -- -- And doctors told you that's -- -- he would never walk again. -- they didn't know if I'd be able to keep my -- and I now have a titanium femur titanium hip. I've had ten the operations have got a nice V for victory and it and have an inch leg length discrepancy and a hole where my ACL used -- -- Wow I'm so how did all of this then -- -- the conclude then that shoes are bad. It was kind of a circuitous path once I tried running again and finally got off of crutches. I -- from overuse injury to overuse injury and couldn't get anything under control. And I've been training some elite level athletes for a running and racing -- -- -- that's real close to the ground. We're telling me I had to get out of my or thought -- can get out of my -- -- at a time -- flatter and closer to the ground. And then I chipped across -- running on line talking about how there's so much less impact out of issue. Then in issue is up to three times less impact than going impact. I can't afford any impact maybe there's something to -- there is nothing else at the time was working so I said what if I got to lose. So very ago you started -- slowly but surely and here you are now doctor -- and I want to -- -- for a second because it's one thing for these runners to say this is fantastic it feels grade. I'm running correctly what the scientific viewpoint here. I'm in favor of it that certain -- see this story all the time. Athletes come into my office with -- bags and bags of shoes -- phonics they've been to doctor after doctor. Can't run nothing works so we went to the literature and this dates back to over a hundred years ago one of the first articles compared. Barefoot -- population. And what they found as Michael said is that when you strike with your -- first. Within fifteen -- seconds there's a transient in polls. Force through your body three times your body weight that is almost nonexistent when you land on your four -- there. So let me ask you when you are doctor in favor of this thing most orthopedic surgeons agree with you what's the I would say most positions and physical therapist psychiatrist orthopedic surgeons do not it's not agree with you about -- because they haven't been taught it or they haven't tried it. And when I tell my patients to ditch -- issues -- -- products we put -- on. A videotape and camera and show them the change in their -- from -- -- four foot it's instantaneous they smile. Ask -- a couple of things there -- some people that have flat feet. There's some people that have. All kinds of problems with fair you know -- alignment and they say I have to Wear special insult they keep my arches up I have to -- this and that. What would you say those people looks like a crutch how do you make anybody stronger by staying on the -- The body knows how to strengthen its house -- -- give it the input it needs to be -- to figure that out and so when you're saying you know something's out of alignment. What we need to give the body the sensory feedback to figure that out and if he's the -- is not the we think we've been taught it is hasn't hardship to the arch is not week -- -- -- -- -- -- big bridges we have around us that collapsed. Please strengthen the feet and -- it's like -- -- -- strong from the roots on. I get a but what about our skin our -- certainly -- how -- -- not cut yourself when you're running. I mean there's a follow the place right the -- strengthens up we've been doing it for a couple million years what we have though is a soft sensitive foot from being an issue and give it a little time on an issue and I start people when I coach. Hundred yards one day none the next 200000 do you have -- like two inches that I haven't -- fixed yen on the bottom. It's like -- walk over anything. And the video I thought you you are running through snow you are running on what looks like very very hot -- desert sand. Are you just immune to temperature. I -- not -- you feel it but it doesn't have the same effect hot temperatures you build incidentally you get more circulation to the foot and actually -- a stronger patting on the bottom of but. Wintertime is really fun. Because in the wintertime -- -- where your -- doing the job to take blood flow away from the foot. Out of issue. Your foot pumps more or your body -- -- -- -- and you don't Wear shoes at all now right where you wait when you don't have to restaurants thank you put them on sometimes airplanes and other and that you just -- we can pan am flight -- is in a food establishment not trying to make people uncomfortable other than that. I healed by connecting to the ground when -- being able to feel the ground and so I want to keep that -- lingo. Michael thank you so much for sharing your story doctor Marc Solomon thank you so much for being here as well. Thank you tell you from there. I'll try it.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Michael Sandler teaches people how to run without shoes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15003280","title":"Barefoot Running","url":"/Health/video/barefoot-running-15003280"}