Battling Breast Cancer at 31

ABC News story editor Tomomi Arikawa shares her personal story.
5:09 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Battling Breast Cancer at 31
My name is too mommy -- -- lot and I'm 32 years old. Growing up young cancer was always -- my family and I always felt that. I would always get it at some point. But -- I didn't expect to be diagnosed with cancer at the age of 31. I think that cancer yet was scary but I was also. Waiting for it to come. At some point and that it was just scary. Not knowing when I actually felt. -- mobilized mass in my breast but I didn't really think anything of it because it was just sold. It was big. It wasn't like the colonel -- sort of the kernel of corn they are told to look for -- feel. Like a hard marble per -- so I really thought I pulled a muscle at the gym. And I didn't really call my doctor about it because I had my annual home exam -- with my gynecologist and September Sosa -- listen. If it's still there I'll ask her about it. You know she felt and and she said you know what with your family history I just wanna be say if so please go and get. A -- and went to see the radiologist. That are technician. Comes into the room. And she scanned -- -- pressed. With the -- That radiologists -- -- I'm gonna be honest with you this doesn't. Look great to me. But -- -- it is it's very treatable. And I would just assume that as a parent. Finding out that your child this bill is the worst thing that you could ever. Find out. My mom knew that I was going to get sonogram that day so my mother picks up the phone and I just remember as I heard my mother's force -- just all the tears just. -- -- my voice was trembling I couldn't say anything and my mother just said. They found something. My gut told me that I had breast cancer. My sister made them look that mean there Ehrlich but my youngest of the doctor call. And then -- bursts. And I was a flick in new she told me I have cancer and it and it just -- remember bursting into -- Into the thick of and an -- Washington to think about them but. -- -- -- -- only has cancer. And it was just. If it's really painful. To listen to listen to that exit have to. Listen to my family except the fact that I have cancer was really really hard. And I had a mastectomy done it turned out that there was microscopic cancer cell in one of mine linked notes. I have to say that when I found out about. Cancer. In my lymph node that was frightening that was worse than the original diagnosis because to me. It felt as thought cancer was having a party in my body we just didn't know what it was doing at this point. -- was the most debilitating. Experience. Of my life it's -- -- debilitating emotionally and physically I was going through this during the winter and I would open the window. And I would think to myself what I feel anything if I just jumped out of this window what got me through it was. Watching my family. And I couldn't I cutting give up hope. I couldn't get up for them knowing them all these people were rooting for me. -- -- -- to myself I can't let these people down. You know what skin cancer. Except to go on. I pray every night hoping that my sister was born with the egg. That com that doesn't have this gene. But that's wishful thinking. And she is going to early screening now. And I would just hope that they find it very early so early that they would have to do surgery -- you know. Whatever else she needs to do and not have -- Cancer has taught me that I there -- times. -- life sucks. Cancer sucks the funny. Use after the surgeries and everything I may have more confidence now than I did before I -- -- -- -- thinking to myself. I still look really good after having you know -- to deal with. Everything that cancer. Brought on. -- and I'm going okay.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"ABC News story editor Tomomi Arikawa shares her personal story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14738964","title":"Battling Breast Cancer at 31","url":"/Health/video/battling-breast-cancer-31-14738964"}