Super Bowl Champ: 'It Took Losing My Mind to Care About My Mind'

Former NFL tight end Ben Utecht discusses the danger of concussions before a U.S. Senate committee.
4:52 | 06/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl Champ: 'It Took Losing My Mind to Care About My Mind'
I hope I never forget the night of February 4 2007. It was an amazing night in in Miami Florida as we stepped under the dolphins. Stadium. Under the biggest stage in the world I don't even know how to put into words to describe it to you over a hundred million people -- the end. To watch the Indianapolis Colts. Face off against -- Chicago Bears. I'll never forget two weeks prior are all pro kicker Adam Vinatieri telling the team. Don't you dare -- at kickoff. Now items already won three Super Bowls so yes quite the experience. But there I am on the field standing in between future -- -- quarterback Peyton Manning and future hall of fame coach Tony Dungy. And I remember -- words don't you -- blank at kickoff. So there Adam is walking -- the steps to whistle blows his hand drops and he releases the players. He places his foot on the ball and I have never in my life seen so many flashing lights. I mean it. It would rival the experience of Neil Armstrong it it truly felt like I was dancing. With the stars. It was the greatest experience in my life. We won the game between nine to seventeen and and forever I will be able to Wear this ring and my finger in remembrance of that game. It was a dream come true. Two years later. That dream is shattered. When I woke up face down. On a training camp field in Georgetown Kentucky being strapped to a board. And put under an ambulance. Because of my -- documented concussions. For the first time in my life. My dream my brain became. A priority. And the reason why became a priority is because between nine years old -- started to have memory problems. And it took. Losing my mind. To care about them. My memories begin to fade away in fact 11 story I've shared is going home to Minneapolis and spend time with friends of -- my wife and I sitting around a table. And it. -- brought up hit my friend brought up his wedding and I I civil why wasn't able to be there -- -- the strangest look from him. In the -- got quiet and his wife brought over their photo. Album from their wedding and page after page. There was is -- -- and in his wedding. I sing a song and it's -- And I have no memory of that experience it's completely gone. Then there are -- -- changes. There is. Hearing my five year old daughter tell our -- practice doctor that. At times she's afraid of me. As a father. It puts. The idea of the effects of tracked -- brain injury on a completely different level. I can't help now but throw myself into a new target. Neurology. To tackle new opponent brain disease and in particularly traumatic -- injuries and concussions. I've been impassioned -- efficacy to fight for lies being ripped apart by brain disease alzheimer's parkinson's. Epilepsy. Correct truck for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. We need a national revival funding to go into these. Issues so that we can find the answers and -- senators can can really become our new coaches. You can help decide the game strategy put in the countless hours of work and research into -- power. -- that can change this nation connecting people to their most valuable asset. Their money. It's it's it's it's not just education and awareness but it's changing the nature of a person. It's getting them to truly cares so that they can take the education and awareness and implemented because their passion about. Who they are which comes from there. Bringing us. I will not stop in the pursuit of finding cures for brain disease in treating an emotional connection between the world in neurology because neurology. Our neurologists. Are who cradled. The miracle that makes -- humans are greens. It's time for all of us to realize how special our brains. Really are. And I have a number of -- -- I love to share a few question and answer term thank you.

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{"id":24301064,"title":"Super Bowl Champ: 'It Took Losing My Mind to Care About My Mind'","duration":"4:52","description":"Former NFL tight end Ben Utecht discusses the danger of concussions before a U.S. Senate committee.","url":"/Health/video/ben-utecht-testifies-nfl-concussions-24301064","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}