Health Benefits of Acupuncture

Phyllis Shapiro explains the alternative medicinal practice and its benefits.
5:05 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Health Benefits of Acupuncture
When traditional medicine reaches the limits of its six fast many people turn to alternative methods of healing like acupuncture. Acupuncture has been said to have many virtues and here to explain some of them as acupuncture is Philip Shapiro. Philip thank you so much for joining us today think first of all if you would explain what exactly acupuncture is because some of us may be. More familiar with -- than others. Acupuncture is the branch of oriental medicine. -- actually involves the use. Of very fine gauge needles -- if you you can see. How they are very thought -- that different than the type of needles were used to and we go to the doctor to get a shot absolutely -- unanimous needle they arm. Very thin because we don't put anything into your body nor do we take anything out so they're not hollow core. And when they go into the body what is the purpose what are they doing when they enter the body -- they are doing several things. They -- relaxing you so that you works in a state of healing. And then mania of the points that -- -- the energy. -- we we needed to go I think -- -- helping your body human yourself and do you target specific areas of the body. That relate to other areas of the -- There -- points all over your body that relate to. Healing. So if you had a specific pain and was very painful to touch. We don't have to go near that pain we can find -- point that corresponds to that point. Elsewhere on your body so that the needling as you know. Easy and practically payments -- the idea that everything is interconnected correct. And this thing so. In order to -- learn acupuncture do you study eastern Madison. Yes indeed. It's we your program full time right. And you have to learn island philosophy but it's a very different medicine and all different. Set of rules that applying. And applying in western mountains and wasn't good candidates for acupuncture. Almost every -- -- and I don't eliminate anybody write you some people -- little more receptive. But you don't have to believe in this -- to work does it hurts. It usually does not hurt him. Which you can feel -- times people describe it as a pinprick. Four and mosquito buying or little pinch. But it. Should not bring on. You know Alex kind of pain rights and the needles never get bigger than that or in some instances they get well they would get bigger someone hands a -- out of her hip pain and his very heavy. I have long needles of have to go in to reach that I want to reach right -- -- but not this is just an example -- One -- that -- correct okay so. In your experience what sort of ailments as acupuncture the most successful in treating. It's the most successful in treating anything that actually doesn't need a surgical intervention. I've treated everything from migraine headaches. And almost all kinds of pain which is recognized at this point and western medicine but we treat stress. And stress related body ailments -- tight shoulders. To stomach ailments and headaches and anything. That is stress related infertility is a new one. Tell us about that is having some success with in -- major success. They acupuncture needles help bring your body energy. To that area you the and it's like -- in the soil. Interesting now does the acupuncture at the actual act of the needles. Is it accompanied by anything else is there therapy that goes along with it is there any kind of diet plan that goes with it. These -- all decided individually and we can put a little heat on the needle maintenance if it's a cold situation with the diagnosis as this cold here. We might keep the needle. We might keep the needle to bring warmth torn muscle and help them relax more quickly -- And certainly. -- would be another or eating regime -- would be another branch of Chinese medicine. -- between now which is and medical massage would be another branch but. Acupuncture itself is really a needle therapy and other any side effects have you seen any negative side effects. I have not seen any negatives and -- and occasionally in May be able bruising it's still eat -- fine is a business here are fine. You may get a little -- Or a little tingle. I think the worst side effect is that. You don't feel anything and I just simple treatments acupuncture as Phyllis Shapiro thank you so much for introducing us acupuncture thank you so much for having me.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Phyllis Shapiro explains the alternative medicinal practice and its benefits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15261803","title":"Health Benefits of Acupuncture","url":"/Health/video/benefits-acupuncture-alternative-medicinal-practice-phyllis-shapiro-health-15261803"}