Benefits of vaccinating children outweigh risks, doctor says

ABC News contributor and epidemiologist Dr. John Brownstein discusses the vaccination of children and the importance of donating vaccines to other countries.
7:08 | 06/11/21

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Transcript for Benefits of vaccinating children outweigh risks, doctor says
And now to the current virus in the US in the efforts to fascinate children and teenagers the CDC now investigating a potential link between vaccines and a small number of heart inflammation cases in young people. While mature and applies for emergency use authorization to back sunny kids twelve to seventeen years old. Here's ABC's Marcus Moore. An expert pat. Panel today taking a closer look at reports of hard information. Among young people after they received the Pfizer and more Brno vaccines the CDC now reporting preliminary data of 226 cases of mile car died as. And people younger than thirty. Out of millions of people vaccinated. So far there is no firm linked to the vaccine. It'll still rare the case numbers are higher than the CDC would expect to see in the general population. When you see my part I it is it tends to be around him within a few days to hit greeting cards and dose of the vaccine. And it just seems just our web pain shortness of breath and exercise in. Our doctors are being told to lookout for symptoms just like that. But cases appear to be mild and go away with treatment mood Dornan today joining Pfizer in applying for authorization for its vaccine for twelve to seventeen year olds. Just 28% of that age group has gotten their first dose some parents are still not ready to back to meet their children. I would preferred to wait just to see how things go as of now I don't want. Even consider it. Pfizer and would turn out now testing lower doses of the vaccine in children eleven and younger. At auction or health of Louisiana six year old Billy bully is participating in Pfizer's trial. Her younger siblings three in fourteen months old we'll get their shot soon to their parents are doctors. For us and our kids living safely in a world where we don't have to worry about them getting sacked from Covanta. Being able to go to school and playmates what their friends we feel strongly backs vaccine. Is what is going to get us to those goals. And after states warned large batches of unused doses of the Johnson Johnson vaccine could soon expired. Today the FDA extended the shelf life of the vaccine. By an extra six weeks I believe there's good news for all or most of those doses that the expiration date will be extended. Which gives us an opportunity to get their shots into people's arms. Our thanks to Marcus Moore in New Orleans force tonight. For more on today's cold but news we bring in ABC news contributor an epidemiologist doctor John Brownstein think you so much doctor for being with us. You work and pediatrics are you concerned about the potential link between vaccines and heart inflammation in teenagers and what do teens and their parents need to know. So of course any. I understand that populations is something that remark he died and should remember the numbers of cheese is that we identify. Her this is really small cash and mostly lasting only deer to a very cheap solution it's important for an RRC a career go and it's not. BC are yet to the vaccine. She didn't cause of disheartened nation ranch what I really want a message to parents is that the benefits of the huge continue to outweigh any risks when it comes to getting vaccinated of course the risk. Credits including infectious. Is far greater and so you know this huge huge huge recommended vaccines usually Knoll took fallen all harsh and really you know this is about the system working and how. How can a recurrence rates is that when you identify Jesus we can do deeper investigations. There's definitely hesitancy from parents do you think there's an age that. Might be too young to vaccinated she looked to vaccinated kids as young as five years old and with my durn now applying for authorization for kids we're twelve to seventeen years old. All we have to remember that children total were due to meet the significant portion of the global population age can. Developed severe Cody disease and can spread to others and so when she approached you weren't getting everyone needs to protect our communities. To get 22 are hurting you teach and getting our kids see useless. They are kids. It's super horror just reiterate the fact you know are are seeing trials are Munis hyper focus on each of the vaccines are safe as well as effective for kids this is why I get these once studies that really died that defined the lowly Joseph was needed for the kids and now in the east Hastings street Charles to let his religion you know CE NDT shirt that vaccine when it's approved by the FDA which is really safer kids that I did the day it's all about making sure parents are fully informed and they make the right decisions hurt her she. Sol none doctor as a mom of two young kids I speak to a lot of other moms out there who. Have received the vaccine themselves that they say if they flat out say they're just not confident. With this vaccine and end their kids because her kids are developing won't be your message. To be easy to these parents that are just really really hesitant to have to get their kids vaccinated. And I. Fully understand and you know we how. To make sure that ash everyone's concerns are hurt I I had teaches us a retain an eleven year old I've seen is that authorization and diabetes person lighting your kids are aided by the end of the day this is all of transparency and he sure that everyone is is form it has the right data as we see it right these are. Being spread unleash. That did it and you know that the risks around vaccines are so minimal especially when you look addressed potential savior cogan of course overall risk for a coup it is slow but when you look at risk benefit you live vaccines are outraged at the risk that we can't calypso of course is on the conversations with fewer traditions really usually for a much so that people feel confident in these vaccines and really you know I understand it's our way back into tumor molasses. I will be sure to send my mom friends a linkage to this interview. Now finally the US is donating 500 million doses of the colon vaccine to poor countries there's of course humanitarian. And even diplomatic reasons to do this but walk us through how this also helps the Coke despite. Right here at home if we were just thinking about our self interests. Should you know we have. She remembering that this is such a rule viruses that's not something that's just a US car and other countries college that we are all interconnected. These viruses move around these areas. Can you reach our shores very easily and so if you don't control each other racing different parts of the country rest assured that those areas that are emerging will end up in the US so gosh this we'll just keep happening if we don't see this as a global perspective and just as international about zero. The light at the end of the tunnel that is where we are trying to get to thank you so much doctor browsing for your. Inside we see that you are part of the stout chain gang with a pillow behind you noted. That things together. Changes and let us.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"ABC News contributor and epidemiologist Dr. John Brownstein discusses the vaccination of children and the importance of donating vaccines to other countries. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78211734","title":"Benefits of vaccinating children outweigh risks, doctor says","url":"/Health/video/benefits-vaccinating-children-outweigh-risks-doctor-78211734"}