The Berlin Heart, One Child's Last Hope

The Berlin Heart gave a 9-year old patient a second shot at life.
3:22 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for The Berlin Heart, One Child's Last Hope
-- -- -- -- -- -- And million dollars in the very active. But in the summer of 2009 when he started. Not being activities should be feeling really tired all the time out of breath not eat. Into this week. -- -- cardiologist. And his cardiology shall have its. At that point it's. -- The offers didn't come. And partly we are looking for not only just the right match in terms of size of the heart for him. AM blood type hand these antibodies. Immediate. We weren't getting anywhere. And if he came to a time. Where we felt he. Was literally gonna die waiting for an organ. Our options were to put them on -- -- Which buys us. Weeks maybe month. To find an organ. Let him die. Or do you put in a ventricular assist device and the one has absolute most experienced world wide. If the Berlin heart the Bruins are because it's -- Berlin it's actually been used in many of major tertiary. -- -- -- centers around the country but this is the first time it I believe in the northeast Ohio that anyone has used it for. Pediatric patients. The implantation actually went quite well and we had. No complications no bleeding and we were very fortunate that I give up on wrong. -- -- -- -- -- This weekend. -- -- The machine that was really really mean to be perfectly United States. And it just -- do whatever we have to help combat mission history. And Berlin heart. Kidney cancer for a lot of kids. The loans they don't have to wait too long way. We actually got feet hurt him into the hospital -- to us. An amazing thing. And the minute they told us that the heart was beating taking. I had a huge relief of emotion yes it's. It's a big. Emotional roller -- To get like. Literally as good an organization possibly ordered. It was sort of meant to be. Pretty much almost a religious more. When he stopped to hug me and took off down -- -- with the Qatar. -- --

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{"id":15191679,"title":"The Berlin Heart, One Child's Last Hope ","duration":"3:22","description":"The Berlin Heart gave a 9-year old patient a second shot at life. ","url":"/Health/video/berlin-heart-childs-hope-15191679","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}