Biden: Sharing vaccines with the world is 'the right thing to do'

Biden commits to sending 20 million vaccine doses in addition to 60 million already promised.
4:32 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for Biden: Sharing vaccines with the world is 'the right thing to do'
And it Biden announcing twenty million more approved vaccine doses will be shared with other countries that need them. That's in addition to the sixty million doses and AstraZeneca vaccine which is not yet authorized here in the US. That the administration has already committed to sending overseas. Let's bring in emergency physician ABC news medical contributor doctor Daron Sutton. NEC's deputy political director Avery harper for more on this let's start with you doctor Sutton. Where are these doses needed them most and how big of an impact could this announcement caps. Good afternoon me about these things are needed and most notably of course and India as it has headline because it is experiencing some of the highest numbers of carbon nineteen infections have we have seen since the beginning of this pandemic. And there are also other countries are also suffering if you look at places like Argentina Colombia and Costa Rica. All of these countries are suffering from. All of those eligible including all of those enough over the age of twelve in the United States. An angry out asking what you know about how this decision was made and Whittier these vaccines could be had to leave her doctor said Lestock. A long list of places that need them. Right won't listen you know that this this president campaigned on to restoring the soul of this nation and then returning to moral leadership and and for him part of that is is helping other countries. That he said today that this is going to be part of the international coal racks effort and so it you know that that whole effort is about ensuring that the vaccines are distributed equitably so that means that those vaccines are going to be heading across the developing world and to nations that have been hard hit. By Covert nineteen nations like India which we we've seen a horrific impact of the pandemic there. And a sudden this comes as states are dropping their mask mandates in response to the CDC's new guidance thankfully vaccine people can safely ditched their masks in most situations. But that led to some confusion and eating controversy. Over whether it's too soon to go mask list what's your take on all that's. I'm my take is that this is the progress hard to disagree I think right now that we simply have not achieved herd immunity and I think when releasing her lifting these guidelines are simply lifting these restrictions on Matthews in public places like grocery store is. Does nothing but put employees and customers at more risk. I don't try to advise everyone to take. Acknowledgment of the risk around you and do your best in mitigating decreases risk as much as possible. And by that I mean you're stepping into a public places surrounded by people that you don't know. It goes a long way to Wear a mask on limited and you can imagine because there are many who are suffering from immune compromised recent status is and going home to someone vulnerable. And so we all have to do our part just to keep these numbers look. Every let's switch gears let its tax today. Biden also announced with some families which stars sing any tax credit this July Biden says it will cut child poverty and half. How does it work and who stands to benefactor. Pull out a nearly 39 million households stand to benefit starting July 15. Up to 300 dollars per child. Are these families will start to see in the form I'm a direct deposit a paper check or debit card you know this is all part of Barton's effort to cut. I child poverty in half and two give working class and middle class families help. You know and in the midst of this pandemic and it's coming in the form of cold hard cash. And Slovenia their shells and doctors are expecting to hear updating guidance on schools and camps soon. What would you tell parents about how to keep their kids safe. Well I think practicing what we know works best which is masking and distancing when possible and of course anyone who's eligible to get vaccinated. I think in this upcoming years schools will probably look more close to normal than they ever have been. But we have to say caution and can provide provisions in terms of key piece of mass contesting and of course vaccinations have been wreaking of course keep these children saved. Doctor Deron sad Avery harper thank you both for being with us.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Biden commits to sending 20 million vaccine doses in addition to 60 million already promised. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77742895","title":"Biden: Sharing vaccines with the world is 'the right thing to do'","url":"/Health/video/biden-sharing-vaccines-world-thing-77742895"}