Binge Eating Disorder

Ron Saxen shares his struggle with B.E.D., explains importance of getting help.
6:14 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Binge Eating Disorder
When -- -- eating disorders mentioned perhaps anorexia out or believe me are what first come to mind. But new research shows that beans eating disorder or -- is just as common and get this almost as many men suffer from it as women. But men seem to be overlooked in studies about this disorder Ron -- and suffered from binge eating disorder and wrote the good ear about his experience. He joins us now to talk about his story. Hi there Ron thanks so much for joining us. Thanks for having me on so Ron tell us about your personal story how can the binge eating star for you. For me -- you grew up in a household that was a pressure cooker the -- corporal punishment and -- my Brothers and sisters if anybody said or did the wrong thing my dad would kind of lose control -- could fall on all of us and so. We also had a religion that the world and -- at any moment -- as a kid I'm in this environment that's because -- so tense. And so you when you're in a box you look for a way to get out even -- you can't get out so for me my first remembrance of a disordered eating act was at the age of eleven. Tom. My mom had said told me that she was gonna have my dad -- -- when he got home he had his own business you come home -- o'clock at night. He wake -- -- and discipline me some sitting there in bed straight -- sweaty feet. Com. Trying to deal with what the fact -- going to be in some pain in a couple hours. And also that remember I had fifteen pounds of chocolate in my closet for the school candy -- so I went out got to fight ounce candy bar. -- it Molly eight and it took me away of course and as I -- the bar reality came back someone had another and another until it almost had three pounds worth. What next morning I woke up and that things had happened to me -- been having to do with the candy but I learned. They're very early age -- food could take me away -- could ease that tension. And that's putting disorders -- about you and they serve as a function for anybody Bellini anorexia -- -- doesn't matter. And. So why not moment you're taken away but then the reality of what you've done. Face as he later. The end of that age is not a eating disorder he was ordered -- it was until much later on. When -- instead of dealing with things like if you have a problem you -- you talk about it with somebody should go after the write what you do but for me. That never happened and maturation process ever happened -- suddenly at nineteen. This is how I handle. Tension and anxiety good or validate that revealing in my stomach like I used to get when I was a kid. -- food as a way to shut it down and so you're not hearing in nineteen. You went on -- to become a successful model led you know you your body was. Part -- work. Well that was my -- was always very high probably a good it was always 5060 pounds overweight and through. At the age of 21 through doing things they shouldn't do -- anorexic women type behaviors. I got my -- down -- people start saying are you model wanted to indicating we have had a -- in two years on the -- and I don't want to be. And suddenly -- a modeling contract and I was I was on TV and the thing is if you when you've got a problem if you don't deal with it. It's not if or when you're gonna -- explode but it's -- it's gonna happen for assurance those shortly after I signed my contract from what was working. My because I hadn't dealt with my problem didn't understand the eating disorder. My world started to come apart at the scene and I was holding onto -- incurred by my fingertips and of course one day -- -- And that you know experts say it's very important for men -- -- hazardous for women to get help what are the steps. That are necessary what are the steps that -- For me and this is where men are unique. Unfortunately where -- we are. We don't get help because -- man because we think we can. Do it on around so for me the only I could do that it wanted to see a therapist because it just meant it would it would say for sure that I wasn't not or that I was created for me. It was books which is I think the bush is anyway it's the wrong way if you can get go to therapy for such a great thanks I would two faces -- bookstore got a book. And I look innocent wow this is this the sounds like me an incident at that point I thought I was alone the only -- -- -- -- what I did. When I got the books and realized it wasn't -- from the army that jumped -- to I'm Bob book after book. And I nice guy. Told myself if I can figure out how I got -- -- -- could get on screwed of course the very last step I took was therapy which should in the first step by took but. Even a day when I went to therapy I mean appointment with the -- a therapist who specialize in binge eating disorder because I can afford to go wherever -- want to go. I showed up in and the sport coat and tie and a clipboard in a day timer because when I was in -- waiting room I want people looking means that you're crazy. I want them to think it was a calling -- colleague. And of course -- -- when I went in and hence seeing a therapist was was a wonderful thing. I want to ask you a lot about -- study in the international journal of eating disorders it shows that binge eating disorder occurs. At similar rates among men and women are you at all surprised by that. I think with binge eating disorder. Com. It's something that you know when you when you see anorexia you know when you see it and -- Jim -- you know when you're doing it. But the -- binge eating disorder. You know you can keep yourself and tell yourself that it is just it's just gluttony overeating and I certainly told myself for fifteen years all -- -- do was be strong. To get over it and just man up and of course that's not the case and. Also Ron so I think -- We're out of time -- final words of advice for someone else who might be struggling with what -- -- west. It -- please Begin your journey get help now there's wonderful organizations out there that didn't exist when I was going -- -- organization called vita. Binge eating disorder association -- specialize in people like us. Would be dean is also an organization called media nationally disorder association you can go to -- both -- web sites Google them. They've got people to -- you hotlines package and gone -- the bottom line is Begin your journey and they'll be like me at -- fifteen years. And put my life on hold your -- ever get back so just don't hold your guy Disco. Ron -- thank you so much for joining us and sharing your story.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Ron Saxen shares his struggle with B.E.D., explains importance of getting help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14861041","title":"Binge Eating Disorder","url":"/Health/video/binge-eating-disorder-14861041"}