Boost Your Immunity for Flu Season

Dr. Bill Sears provides tips to avoid getting sick this cold and flu season.
3:00 | 10/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boost Your Immunity for Flu Season
Cold and flu season is upon us once again and yes you can get the flu shot to booster immunity but there are other ways to help your family stay healthy that's -- -- season. Famed pediatrician doctor bill fears is here with us today He wrote the book literally on keeping your family healthy his latest book is called the healthiest kids in the neighborhood. Doctor Sears it's wonderful -- thanks so much for that you -- great to be with tears as good to be healthy and yes things. Yes and let's talk healthy -- the first thing obviously people can do is get the flu shot -- -- Get the solution -- fact my patients and we think doctor what can I what can I take. Before flu season -- and I want to change your mindset not only what you can take its what you can do right at the pills and skills. Mindset right up lots of things you can do to boost your immune system right -- get a flu shot you've got a five. Axis yes take us through the first thing is is in feed your immune system the first death in seafood. Go fish Omega threes are great immune booster. Then smoothly I start my office day every day with the giants -- and kids love from all that I have perfect fruit and vegetables. And and solemn the third -- -- -- -- -- Put more -- on your plate Mulder told us that because of the deep color. A fruits and vegetables have fight with. I don't fight germs when I tell the kids tactic and then the next -- this license plate black pepper tumors onions garlic ginger. Chili peppers that spice up your immune system those -- -- terms of are entitled under the right and then the fifth -- in salt moments. Like Omega three supplements. And immune choose we have a supplement line we called doctor spears family essentials and our website doctor Sears family essentials dot com. Or have a variety of products to help boost. The immune systems. -- -- sometimes kids -- I was gonna direct seafood because I know -- children and there. Some -- they'll eat some they will not even touched so sometimes it's hard to get them in -- latest. That's why they need -- make it through incitement for area -- -- show me the science doctor. There are over twenty -- and medical journal articles. On hall Omega threes help your help break so that -- and now you've got Omega three supplements that are specifically for kids yes the DD choose. The funeral of curious and hopeful that that the Omega three -- -- it's like double -- candy for them. And speaking uncanny have another aspect to talk about -- -- what is not good for yes too much younger are too much you'd think too much. -- sugar like the high fructose corn for for example. It suppresses the immune system. Too much sugar depresses your white cells and white -- are like the little Pacman. They they fight germs -- gobble up the germs until the kids that too much junk food. We'll keep your germs you're germ fighters from fighting very important what. So what do you what do OK you know a few -- -- day one treated Katrina Davis street today as planned a moment as -- -- Put more color on your plate right eat fruits and vegetables the old apple a day keeps the doctor -- and that the the dark. Green and the red tomatoes from the blueberries. Those are fire ghost and -- don't fight truth so important absolutely now you also say that it if you get movie that also poster of unity moved the kids who sit too much -- They get sick more often rights movement mobilized its immune system take it gets the blood flowing He gets those germ fighters flowing. So get your family movie. And tell us about lean. -- Alina is the acronym we have and our office called lifestyle exercise attitude. And nutrition -- attitude. Don't stress. Depresses the immune system so stay calm can we control our attitude that's something we'll have no control over -- -- keep happening right. You know think happy and -- during flu season. What's important. So keep your attitude move around absolutely and inefficient as mom pulled this years ago. Before flu season cover your mouth when you call torture hands blow your nose eat your fruits and veggies and -- -- I didn't play. Right about that stuff that's been basically a map for flu prevention -- -- which always bears repeating wash your hands cover your mouth when you cough. Keep your nose clean. Eat all your fruits and veggies and go outside and play get -- yeah. There you know people shouldn't stay inside all bundled up they should get out there. Get their scarves and gloves on and keep moving right get your immune system pumping right doctor -- there's thank you so much thank you time and joins -- taken -- For our families this season.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Bill Sears provides tips to avoid getting sick this cold and flu season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14783897","title":"Boost Your Immunity for Flu Season","url":"/Health/video/boost-immunity-flu-season-14783897"}