Boy, 3, With Severe Food Allergies Can't Eat

Michael Gonzalez drinks 20 to 30 bottles of prescription-only formula daily.
2:11 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for Boy, 3, With Severe Food Allergies Can't Eat
-- -- -- Happy to pretend he looks healthy it's -- little bundle of joy but three year old Michael Gonzales doesn't know what. Real juice tea Frank Carroll now he has a rare conditions -- protein -- and her colitis and Haram which essentially means Michael he's allergic to pretty much everything. Carrot or an apple he can't -- -- It started the day he was born I -- feed their babies -- -- be happy. He wasn't. He was works he was -- everything that went down came right back up. Dozens of doctors failed to find an answer and the Gonzales is feared their son was literally going to starve to death and then he turned eleven months old only put him on the OK junior and he was perfect. I think Tony and thirty -- that -- -- then but this past November that all changed he was vomiting and having severe -- it happened just as nutrition the maker of -- K junior changed the product's packaging company assured -- that the new label was -- same ingredients same everything a -- vice president even came to the Gonzales -- home and told -- our laboratory conditions I -- see different smelled -- hunter -- different nutrition says he -- of fourteen other US children -- reported similar problems and it says it's partnering with the FDA to initiate extensive testing and analysis. To figure out what's happening. You want to tickle monster but in the meantime this fla Koppel has come to Minnesota looking. For help for two weeks now the Gonzales -- taken my go to practically every specialist imaginable here at Mayo. Endocrinologist. Neurologist. -- just send specialists in gastrointestinal. And infectious diseases. But so far none of them have been able to unravel the mystery. As a temporary solution Michael's parents have loaded up on batches of the older version of -- okay that they've found for sale on the Internet. Nineteen -- we'll keep searching for more but time is truly running out these older batches can't be consumed after October 2013. And that's not okay to tell people -- -- Has an exploration. -- -- mark saxenmeyer five Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18569671,"title":"Boy, 3, With Severe Food Allergies Can't Eat","duration":"2:11","description":"Michael Gonzalez drinks 20 to 30 bottles of prescription-only formula daily. ","url":"/Health/video/boy-severe-food-allergies-eat-18569671","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}