Breast Cancer Drug Makes a Comeback

Dr. Euhus discusses the newfound hope for Avastin in treating breast cancer.
1:13 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Breast Cancer Drug Makes a Comeback
What we're finding is that we can determine whether a new drug is active or not and breast cancer by testing it first and women before surgery. And that setting we look to see if the tumor goes away completely during the course of treatment. That means -- we do the surgery we don't find any living tumor cells that all. That tells us that that treatment is likely to be pretty effective for breast cancer. The effects of a vast than in women before surgery to cause complete elimination of the tumors is very remarkable. And we would take that as a signal that in fact -- -- and is active in breast cancer. There have been other trials not yet reported that have tested a -- and in women who have had. Breast cancer surgery for early stage cancer they've had it as an adjuvant treatment after surgery. We don't know for sure yet if -- -- in his prolong the life of lives of those women. Those trials are are completed. The data is maturing. I think we'll I think there is hope for a vast and going forward I think we makes that we may -- see -- in the -- -- carry him. To fight breast cancer.

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{"id":15443017,"title":"Breast Cancer Drug Makes a Comeback ","duration":"1:13","description":"Dr. Euhus discusses the newfound hope for Avastin in treating breast cancer.","url":"/Health/video/breast-cancer-drug-makes-comeback-15443017","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}