British Government's Drinking Advice

Committee recommends abstaining from alcohol a couple days per week.
1:43 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for British Government's Drinking Advice
-- government committee in Britain is recommending that the rest of the UK should follow Scotland's lead in advising not to drink alcohol for at least a couple of days a week. -- warning that emphasizing the idea of a safe dealing limit for alcohol can mislead people into thinking it's actually healthy to have a drink every day the BBC's grant when Jeffries reports. How much is it safe to drink before your health is damaged across the UKP devices placed on units of alcohol. With growing concerns about binge drinking. It's not expressed in daily limits but today the -- says that could give the impression it's full right to -- every day. And they found little evidence to say anything held to account. And he's won the rest of the UK department spokesman went out those aren't nice to have at least a couple of days -- weeks when they didn't drink. The evidence suggests that so you use your body recovers. Much -- pets from. Consuming alcohol if you do. Take such a break so. We generally view that is and as -- change to -- to encourage. Research shows -- speak of how -- the advice about alcohol units. But they find it's hard to work out what that means. Most -- translates -- into the right number of drinks so MPs say more and that needs to be inmates to explain. Some big retailer is all pretty basic information in shops and -- waffles. This report says days volunteer -- -- welcome but it wants an independent review that scheme. I'm -- -- health officials give to all of us on drinking. -- Jeffries BBC news.

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{"id":15323014,"title":"British Government's Drinking Advice","duration":"1:43","description":"Committee recommends abstaining from alcohol a couple days per week.","url":"/Health/video/british-governments-drinking-advice-15323014","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}