Gift of Life: Sister Gets Brother's Kidney

Casey Carlson goes through transplant surgery to save his sister Kristy's life.
2:04 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Gift of Life: Sister Gets Brother's Kidney
A story about the true spirit of this season is all about a pair of siblings in South Florida a younger brother has given his older sister the gift of life. Are we hate from our West Palm Beach affiliate reports. -- search -- two days Christy Carlson is ten years older than her little brother but they've always been close as -- -- little if. -- -- But neither of them ever noticed that Christie was sick she was always tired but just thought that was normal. Then in June she noticed her feet are swollen but kind of scared -- -- -- finally -- -- -- -- that the flood -- -- The next then they say -- the -- it turns out Christie's kidneys had never mature she wasn't and staged real failure. Christie was dying fundamentally -- I'm. They can hear. Had a hand in other opinions but every opinion was the scene her best chance for survival a kidney transplant and that is where Casey comes it. Can saying her condition in. IA -- it was necessary to get through homelessness. -- so -- -- close sibling Fannie and think perhaps. Wondering if one day comes that -- actually knowing that their -- Months of testing later that day did come and Casey did go through with pit the two siblings arrive at the hospital at 4 -- Terrified they put our bands to -- there. We held hands and just kind of just said good -- and. -- -- -- -- The CNF yeah. Casey -- woke up in separate hospital -- is now a month later both are healthy. -- -- I mean I am here and now you iron hand for this thing. These men and saying -- Ruined. Already -- -- -- BF 25 news. Some gifts are truly priceless gift of life absolutely.

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{"id":15222823,"title":"Gift of Life: Sister Gets Brother's Kidney","duration":"2:04","description":"Casey Carlson goes through transplant surgery to save his sister Kristy's life. ","url":"/Health/video/brother-older-sister-kidney-casey-kristy-carlson-transplant-surgery-save-life-health-15222823","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}