Calif. Teen Dies After Being Struck by Softball

Taylor Dorman, 16, was playing with classmates during Phys. Ed. class when the incident occurred.
1:34 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for Calif. Teen Dies After Being Struck by Softball
All of this community tries to comprehend the loss of one of their own ten news wanted to find out how will blunt force trauma like a bald with a chest -- killed sixteen year old Taylor dormant it's very unfortunate because that's not very common. Cardiologist to send -- of sharp -- -- hospital tells ten news that it was the energy or force of the ball that started an internal chain of events when it comes to the heart over the heart. Area beacon -- and energy. And that can create an electrical signal that can disturb the -- own electrical signal and start a cascade of events that lead to the heart -- Doctor Caffrey says the ball most likely hit dormant in an area over the heart. Which is left of the stern where you can see it targeted in this illustration. Just like when you get a trauma to any muscle and you see it bruised -- well when you when that happens to your arm or leg you can see that directly. And the heart you don't see it because -- covered by the chest and the -- But how it happened does little to console the friends of sixteen year old dormant today they sobbed quietly for their friend who died on his sixteenth birthday. As in his first soldier on Wednesday Dorman was in PE class plane over the line similar to softball when he took a line drive to the chest. We're told he seemed to shake it off the twenty minutes later he dropped to the ground and his coach -- to help. The -- probably eight to twenty minutes to grow whether -- confusion or electrical. Disturbance that exacerbated that by that time clearly his friends are now left with broken hearts you don't give -- -- people like that in the world's. Just to. --

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{"id":18958588,"title":"Calif. Teen Dies After Being Struck by Softball","duration":"1:34","description":"Taylor Dorman, 16, was playing with classmates during Phys. Ed. class when the incident occurred.","url":"/Health/video/california-teen-dies-after-struck-by-softball-18958588","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}