Cancer Patient Waits for Promised Financial Support

Family of 19-year-old with rare cancer believes it has been scammed by a mysterious benefactor.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Cancer Patient Waits for Promised Financial Support
Nineteen year old Thomas Dodi has been fighting for his life since being diagnosed with austere sarcoma in 2009. It's very rare. Bone cancer and only about 400 kids in nine states are diagnosed each year during that time the dodi's -- financial chaos but always managed to get Thomas the care he needed. Including multiple surgeries. Each time the cancer has come back faster and more aggressive he's pretty much been paying three years the -- stand a California hospital specializing in top cancer cases. But it's expensive 50000 dollars and it comes as the -- stays foreclosure on their home then a famous Stanley friend stepped in. Among -- on the -- round up those. -- -- cuts on the Discovery Channel. Jonathan hills grant from the Deadliest Catch asked his fans to help Thomas. And then it seemed their prayers were cancer. Six weeks ago a woman claiming to be an Indiana nurse email Tiffany promising to send a check for 250000. Dollars. She said she was doing it because she was a big fan of -- strand. I was in shock and -- OK well let's not get too excited because I don't you know. Know -- she isn't. Then she called me after the conversation Tiffany was convinced. Then another offer from the woman's mother promising another 151000. Payments of -- called -- and senator. And say we're faxed me all of our financial information then and were indeed take credit cards and -- so we thought okay this is you know wonderful. -- six weeks later no money has come through. Mysterious benefactors been giving Tiffany wild tales and excuses. -- -- dodi's are convinced they've been scammed they believe one woman is behind both offers and has more concerned about their TV star friends than helping her son. Most its sickest part is her. -- Did you tell times. He's happy to telling him that we're -- on his treatment despite a double lies in the heart -- Tiffany says she doesn't have time for this anymore she's got a job to do all -- knows my son. Is sick. From sixteen to nineteen he hasn't had a light at all. He's been in pain in -- hospital where being cut open we're being stuck with Nielsen you know chemicals -- him. He wants to see it silver lining just wants a normal. Nineteen you know --

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{"id":17210547,"title":"Cancer Patient Waits for Promised Financial Support","duration":"3:00","description":"Family of 19-year-old with rare cancer believes it has been scammed by a mysterious benefactor.","url":"/Health/video/cancer-patient-waits-promised-financial-support-17210547","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}